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Simple and Accessible Options in Treatment for Leg Cramps

Updated on October 19, 2012

Leg cramps can be a terrible thing when you get an attack. There you are, sleeping soundly like anybody else, when you sit bolt upright and you find that you are suddenly in terrible pain. Your calf muscles and your foot muscles are contracting so hard for no reason you can do nothing but scream in pain. Does a treatment method for leg cramps exist? Is there a way to cure it?

Treatment for leg Cramps

Leg cramps are actual cramps – your muscles contract and seize up, and they don't let go. In comparison, spasms are much more bearable. They only clench and release – they don't stay clenched. When you feel calf muscles as they cramp up, you'll probably be surprised at how they are clenched and as hard as steel. They won't even feel like anything your muscles are capable of. How does this happen?

Basically, medical science hasn't really learned yet about what causes these cramps. Research has found that there's a lot of electrical activity in the affected muscles, and researchers suspect that it could be a kind of fluid imbalance. Basically though, they aren't sure of anything.

Luckily though, even if the doctors don't really know the reason leg cramps come about, they do know of simple things that you can do to see a bit of relief. Treatment for leg cramps tends to be a pretty straightforward thing. For instance, if you use really tight bedcovers, that tends to restrict your toes, and to lead to cramps. A nightly schedule of stretching exercises for the calf muscles can help too.

There is some research at the moment that points to how it could be a potassium deficiency that could be behind chronic leg cramp problems. There are people who have tried treatment for leg cramps that involves eating potassium rich foods, and seen some success.

What kind of foods are rich in potassium? There are plenty, actually. Cabbage, beans, grapes and bananas, tomatoes – all of these will supply you with enough potassium. When you actually have a bad case of cramps, you can try a little gentle massage or hot compress to relieve the pain.

In some people, studies show that these cramps are brought on by a bad case of dehydration. How do you get dehydrated? If you have regular alcohol habit, if you're taking diuretic medications – all of these can have such an effect. Treatment for leg cramps that come about for this reason is very easy – you just need to keep yourself hydrated.


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