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Simple but Effective Eye Exercises for Double Vision

Updated on January 5, 2015

Eye Care

Double vision is more common than many people think. It can make it hard for someone to have an accurate perception of where things are around them. It can also cause them to have so much strain around the eyes that their vision gets worse and worse. It is also typical for someone to have serious headaches that are tough and they may be very frequent.

There are some simple but effective eye exercises for those that have double vision to consider. These exercises can reduce the strain, reduce the frequency and intensity of the headaches, and help to get the vision in focus. Some of them can be fun to take part in too! For example we have all been told that it is impolite to roll your eyes at someone. However, you can use this as a terrific form of eye exercises that helps with improving overall coordination for the eyes.

The right way to do this exercise is sitting and looking at a blank place on the wall. Roll your eyes in a clockwise pattern than then do the same thing counterclockwise. Do this for several repetitions at a time. You will find that the more you work on it the more repetitions you will be able to complete at once without stopping.

You can do pencil push ups to improve your double vision while you are at home or at the office. Just grab a pencil and you will be able to get started. Hold it far enough from your face that you can read what is written on the side of the pencil. Then slowly love it toward your nose. While you do so focus on just one of the letters written on that pencil.

If it starts to blur then you need to move it away from you and slowly back in again. The more you do this type of eye exercise the closer you will be able to get it before your vision blurs.

In many instances one eye is damaged but the other isn’t and that can cause double vision to occur. Swinging is one of the best eye exercises for this type of eye concern. This process enables the eyes to be able to move side to side when you tilt your head. That is how you will be able to maintain your focus on any given object.

This exercise for the eyes is done by selecting one object that is a long distance from you as your focal point. Then slowly tilt your head from side to side. As you do so though make sure that particular object remains in focus for you. Blinking during such an exercise will help you to get the most benefit from it.

Eye exercises, as with other body exercises, need a healthy diet for you to get the best results. Start by improving your eating habbits, then if need be try a supplement to improve your eye care.


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      The EyeDoc 3 years ago

      Great information. I regularly hear people ask how they could help double vision without going to the eye doctor. I usualy get details about vision and eye care from Keep those eyes rolling!!!