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Simple guide on losing love handles

Updated on January 10, 2017

Irrespective of the name given to them, whether love handles, pooch around the stomach, flab or any other name, the aim in most peoples minds who are bothered by them is to is to know of how to lose these love handles and fast. The presence of this fat is a factor that affects the confidence of people for men and women alike. Most women will usually gain the pooch around the stomach after child birth. It is therefore desirable to lose weight around the stomach to ensure that confidence is regained, and one can once again show off their curves. The tips outlined below will help in guiding you to fast loss of love handles.

Take dinner early

One of the things that most people never take note of is the time that they take their dinner. It is important to note that dinner that has been consumed early is better off than eating dinner late at night. Most people will get into the tendency of consuming their dinner late in the night, mostly over the weekends when you do not have to get up for an early morning shift. The main problem that comes with consuming dinner late at night is that there is barely any activity that is taking place at night. Most people will after the consumption of their dinner head to bed. Weight gain will result as all the energy that has been consumed is not needed by the body, and is converted to fat. An even better suggestion that leads you to the desired weight is having a light dinner that is largely based of vegetables.

Choose natural and high quality food

The type of food that is consumed is also a very important factor to consider when you think how to lose love handles fast. In most cases, the pantry will be filled with canned and highly refined and processed food that requires little additional preparation before consumption. Research has shown that highly refined foods have a higher incidence of causing weigh gain. It is therefore good to consider the use of whole food as they come with fiber in them. Fiber in the diet help in excretion of excess fat in the diet, limiting the percentage of fat absorbed in the body.

Limit alcoholic beverages

If you love your beer, pay close attention as the information contained might help in how to loose your love handles. A standard gram of malt alcohol contains as much as seven calories. The higher the calories consumed, the higher the chance that most will be converted to fat, as the body is not in need of a lot of energy when you consume alcohol. Reducing the intake of alcohol significantly will ensure that you get to reduce the love handles too.

Integrate simple exercise

Exercises to lose love handles are also a must if the desired end result is to be achieved. A good workout regime to be tried out every once in a while is also a good suggestions that can help in losing love handles fast. There is no doubt that this is one of the most avoided alternatives by people seeking to do away with their love handles. Simple and enjoyable exercises will help lead you to the desired weight. Things like cycling a bicycle, walking a dog, swimming or even making time for a sporting activity are sure ways of getting you in the best form, and with no nagging love handles.

Perform strength training

For those who desire to push the extra mile, workouts to lose love handles can be done. Regular strength training is important as it builds muscle mass in the body, an important prerequisite in burning down fat in the body. 3 sessions of strength of training of approximately 30 minutes in a week are vital as they help a person lose the pooch around the stomach quite fast. Cardio exercises of approximately 30 minutes each should also be included in the exercise regime about twice a week. Cardio exercises are those exercises whose main goal is to increase the heart rate which in turn stimulates the breakdown of stored fat in the body.

In conclusion, you ought to remember two important concepts if you are to understand how to loose your love handles fast. Eat light and right and stay active. Practice of this motto is a sure way that can guarantee you results in as little as 2 weeks.


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