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Simple ways to Stop Earaches

Updated on March 13, 2017


Earaches can be very painful
Earaches can be very painful


Earaches are very painful and inconvenient conditions. They are often caused as a result of infections to the ear. The treatment of ear aches will depend on the kind of infection you have. If it is not any serious infection, it can be treated at home with any of the methods below:

How to get rid of earaches


According to American Academy of Pediatrics, drugs like acetaminophen and ibuprofen can be used in controlling earaches. They can be used safely with the use of antibiotics or without them. The most important thing to consider is the dosage for children. So it is advisable to speak to your doctor to assist you on the right dose to use for both adults and children.

Cold or warm compress

Another very effective way to treat ear pains is by the use of ice packs. This is very easy. All you need to do is simply place the ice pack over your ears for between 5 to 7 minutes. This method is safe for both children and adults. You can also use a warm compress such as a heating pad to achieve the same goal. Here too, all you need to do is place the warm compress over the affected ear for a few minutes.

Olive oil

Olive oils are very good in stopping earaches
Olive oils are very good in stopping earaches

Olive Oil in the affected ear(s)

Many health experts recommend using olive oil since they are very effective in treating ear aches or infections. Below is how you go about using olive oil to treat ear pains:

Warm about a teaspoonful of olive oil and wait until it cools a little bit before putting a few drops into your ears. It is important that the temperature of the olive oil is not higher than that of your body temperature so that it doesn't burn your ear drums and cause severe damage. The main reason why olive oil is great for treating ear pains is because of its highly antiseptic properties.

Have some rest

While having some rest might seem totally unrelated to treating earaches, you should know that it is an effective way of getting some relief from ear pains. The reason why doctors say resting is good for treating earaches is simply because the more you rest, the easier it becomes for your body to fight the infections causing you that painful ache in your ear.

Inhale steam

The reason why the inhalation of steam is effective in combating ear pains is because it helps in freeing your clogged ear tubes. According to doctors, when you inhale steam, it plays an instrumental role in helping to remove excess fluid from your nose and your throat, thereby reducing your risks of developing an infection or reducing the severity of an infection in the ear.


In order to prevent ear infections that cause ear aches, try to always keep yourself clean. The cleaner you are, the less likely you are to suffer from infections of the ear. For example, if you have cold, make sure to frequently clear your nostrils.

Also, wash your handkerchiefs frequently to avoid sending more dirt into your nostrils and ear tubes since the more dirt and bacteria that make their way into your nostrils and ear tubes, the higher your risk of getting an ear infection becomes.

If you try some of the things mentioned above and your ear ache is still persistent, then it is now time to pay your doctor a visit.

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    • Enoch Kane profile image

      Enoch Kane 9 months ago from Ghana

      You are welcomed Miller

    • jo miller profile image

      Jo Miller 9 months ago from Tennessee

      Very timely article for me since I had an earache last night. It is gone this morning and was not very severe. Thanks for the information.