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Simplify Pregnancy with Red Raspberry Leaf

Updated on July 15, 2009

Harmonize your life and baby

For many centuries, red raspberry leaf has been used around the world to assist women during pregnancy and delivery. Rich in minerals, red raspberry leaf offers assistance in toning the pelvic muscles, and enabling an easier delivery. It is also showing promise of enriching the nutritional quality of breast milk. Shown to ease nausea and morning sickness, red raspberry has been shown to be among the safest herbs to take during pregnancy.

Supplementation is one alternative and making one's own fresh tea is another option frequently followed. Vitacost is an online supplier with reasonable prices: Herbalist Susun Weed's book, "Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year" offers excellent discussion about other effective nutritional methods to employ for a safe, happy pregnancy. In fact, perhaps her greatest emphasis on strengthening and fostering harmony in one's environment highlights the essential connection between a happy mother and child - before and after delivery. See Susun's website for a list of her many other excellent resources:

Other nutritional necessities during pregnancy include a daily inclusion of green leafy vegetables, which provide essential minerals and vitamins. Uncooked vegetables will provide greater nutritional benefit as cooking does eliminate much of nature's nutritional quota. Spinach especially has a fine blend of minerals, Vitamin K and other nutrients necessary for healthy growth of the fetus. Sprouts are considerably laden with appropriate enzymes for a healthy fetus. Eggs are a wonderful source of iron, and can be served easily at any meal. Above all else, those live foods we can find in nature offer the highest nutritional benefit to any processed foods, and are the preferred menu for the healthy, expectant mother.


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