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Sinusitis and Natural Remedies to Relieve and Cure it for Good.

Updated on February 5, 2016
Image courtesy of marcolm at
Image courtesy of marcolm at | Source

Sinuse Infection or Condition

Sinuses! So you are sitting in front of your computer screen, snot dripping all over the place, ready to rip your nose off and all you want is a natural remedy you can make at home, because another trip to the pharmacy might just kill you. My friend you have come to the right place. Nevertheless we are not going to let you go on to know how to cure something without knowing what you are curing.

Sinuses are the cavities that are found behind your lovely Rudolf colored nose. Through your sinuses air passes and with the air a series of particles that are not necessarily beneficial come in as well. Your body is fully packed with defense systems against your environment. The unique design of your nose permits it to capture all of the dust and particles that are potentially harmful for your airways.

Your airways are comprised of your nose, sinuses cavities (the medically correct term is para-nasal sinuses) your trachea and your lungs. The system for the capture of dust and germs is none other than mucus.

This mucus is beneficial for your body in the long run because it keeps your airways from being destroyed by: air that is too hot or too cold as the mucus stabilizes the temperature, it also traps germs and particles that might be harmful for your lungs and keeps them from entering. Heck, your mucus makes the air heading to your lungs moist for easier passage and it keeps the cells that line your airways from dying out.

Allergies, the common cold and even abrupt temperature changes can lead to sinusitis

Now, if your immune system faces a momentary collapse or your mucus is far too clustered with bacteria and pollutant agents you may encounter what most of us know as sinusitis. It impairs breathing and leads into the uncomfortable land of tissue paper and walking around your house with a blanket over your head. The reasons for having blocked sinuses can be attributed to many things: Allergies, the common cold and even abrupt temperature changes can lead to sinusitis.

Constant sinusitis and congestion may lead a person to develop a tension headache apart from the discomfort of having their nose leak and experiencing difficulty breathing. You may think your body is terrible at keeping you alive but you may want to reconsider after reading this. Your body is a complete pharmacy stocked with everything it needs to fight against all sorts of sicknesses and viruses and bacteria. When your body has to face an invader your body begins secreting a substance known as histamine.

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Image courtesy of: | Source

What is Histamine?

Histamine is the compound that causes your nose to run, your eyes to water and your sinuses to inflame. Histamine is what keeps your body safe from falling into the hands of a virus; however the symptoms it causes in you are very undesired.

Histamine is only liberated to react against invaders and is the substance responsible for all allergic reactions. You may be thinking: my body’s out to kill me now? Nope, it is actually keeping you from going in to a hospital bed. A virus in your airways is far more dangerous than having a hard time breathing for a short while.

However, next time you come down with a case of sinusitis remember that if it’s an allergic reaction you should find a way in which you can lower your levels of histamine an keep the invaders from coming into your body. Our bodies tend to make bad calls as to when and in what amounts it should issue the histamine. Sinusitis caused by an increased level of histamine is also known as allergic rhinitis.

Sinusitis Natural Remedy

Dr. Natural Healing Nasalcare Nasal & Sinus Rinse Starter Kit, 50 Premium Mixed Packs Plus 30 Additional Mixed Packets
Dr. Natural Healing Nasalcare Nasal & Sinus Rinse Starter Kit, 50 Premium Mixed Packs Plus 30 Additional Mixed Packets

This award-winning, All-NasalCare product, is very safe and comfortable. The nasal irrigator has two anti-backflow valves to ensure a continual and effective cleaning without causing backwash contamination. The cleansing solution is made with DrNaturalHealing'sTM premium premix containing five ingredients, all from the U.S.A.: sea salt, sodium bicarbonate, sodium citrate, citric acid, Aloe Vera extract.


Natural Remedies to Relieve and Cure Sinus Allergies and Infections

Some natural ways to reduce the levels of histamine in your body can be really enjoyable. Here are some of them: Have a pineapple!, which contains a certain chemical known as Bromelain (this name comes from the pineapple’s family’s scientific name Bromeliaceae or bromeliad) and it is said that a couple hundred milligrams of it can reduce inflammation and allergies. If you’re not a fan of pineapples worry not!

Some say that consuming healthy doses of vitamin C can improve your health as it will aid your immune system but it will also reduce your histaminic reactions. So grab an apple or some grapes and free yourself of further disturbances of rhinitis.

Another reason for a person to come down with sinusitis would be the common cold. The common cold is not just the sinusitis, it is also; the fever, the headache and the exhaustion that come along with it. If you want to learn how to relieve yourself from a fever or a headache make sure you check out the articles we have on those matters.

Aloe Vera is highly recommended for any respiratory problems. Accumulated mucus from your sinus and chest is released easily when you take the different natural and efficient preparations you can make from this healing plant.

You can buy this plant's processed medications as long as it is assured to be natural or you can make your own. One very suggested combination for cure any respiratory infection is Aloe, Onion and Honey, with a pinch of salt.

If you did not know, Aloe also contains amino acids, vitamins and around 200 compounds that will boost your immune system and regenerate your health to its optimums state.

Nasal Spray

Simply Saline Baby Nasal Gel 1.0 Oz Nasal Moist Gel
Simply Saline Baby Nasal Gel 1.0 Oz Nasal Moist Gel

This product is drug- and fragrance-free and formulated to provide long-lasting nasal moisturization. Safe and gentle enough to use as needed for infants and children. Relieves dryness around nose associated with: common cold, allergies, asthma, dry air, oxygen therapy and chronic sinusitis.


Lemon and Honey also help with your Sinusitis

Another natural way you can cool down a fever and in consequence free yourself of your sinus issues involves applying a cold towel on your forehead and or preparing the following concoction: half a cup of lemon acid with half a cup of honey.

This will not only provide you with the benefits and carbohydrates of the honey and the vitamin c of the lemon but with relief of your airways in a soothing sour-sweet manner. Avoid catching any needless breeze or indulging in going into situations that may involve excessive cold. Also avoid bathing with water too cold or too hot. Tepid water is the best type of water to bathe with when sick.

Finally on the list of reasons (we will mention) for sinusitis would be nasal polyps. A nasal polyp is a tissue that grows on the walls of your nasal cavities also known as your sinuses. The growth of this tissue can make breathing difficult and it can even lead the person ailed with the polyps to have difficulty recognizing the smells around him or her. The nasal polyps come around after the person is 40 years old or older and it can be removed surgically. In some rare cases children can develop nasal polyps.

If you are still not interested on simply eating fruit to clear your nose obstruction here are some more ways you can clear your sinuses. Having all had acne at some point or another we learned the valuable lesson that it is harder to remove anything from your face when your pores are closed than when they are open. So the best solution involves steam. What that has to do with you is that you can apply the same technique to your airways. Indulge in some aromatherapy or take a steamy shower with some nice smelling bathing salts or herbs.

Add some menthol or lavender to your tub and sit in for a while and enjoy the relief of having your sinuses cleared and the tension in your head dissipate. Consuming spicy foods or adding spices to your meals can help clear your airways. Again, bringing up the heat can save the day. Have some chili peppers or ginger tea.

Image courtesy of Mister GC at
Image courtesy of Mister GC at | Source
Image courtesy of:
Image courtesy of: | Source

Watercress and Passion Fruit

One homemade remedy that has proven to be very effective is the combination of Watercress, Passion Fruit and Orange Juice. You can make a large quantity and drink it during the day. You will not only feel better from any sinus problems but in general this is a much recommended mixture for a hot day.

How do you prepare this healing juice?

After cleaning the watercress thoroughly with abundant water, extracting the orange juice and the passion fruit pulp, put all of the ingredients in a blender or a juice extractor and after drain.

The amount suggested is:

  • 6 Oranges or more, depending on your taste.
  • 6 Passion fruits
  • 12 branches of watercress
  • 2 tablespoon of molasses

Health Benefits of Passion Fruit

When you feel like your sinuses are out of hand and none of the natural remedies I’ve provided have not worked consider taking your pharmaceuticals or contacting your doctor. You must remember you have to be ready to know when your health is in peril and when it is not. I recommend these remedies because the development of resistance to antibiotics and antihistamines can become dangerous in future scenarios and it not healthy at all.

I hope this article was of your aid and you enjoy indulging on some of these homemade remedies to your regular conditions relieves and cures. Read on!

Article by: Alain Gutierrez


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