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Sitting Is Dangerous To Your Health

Updated on October 27, 2015

New studies show that the IT job related positions, while good for mental health, are bad for physical health since most are sedentary in nature. There are 35 chronic diseases and other conditions that plague those with such a lifestyle. The worse of them are strokes, Type 2 diabetes, congestive heart disease, hypertension, thrombosis, accelerated aging, breast cancer, coronary heart disease, fatty liver disease, insulin resistance. But, there are many lesser others.

The study showed that for people sitting most of the work of day is akin to driving without a seat belt, it is a moderate to high risk that over time it is a threat to your health. The study shows that for people who work on their feet for at least two hours a day, have much less risk in having their occupation threaten their life. But, of course, too much standing or physicalness on the job is also bad on the body mostly related to foot, leg, and back issues. The report states the key is balance. That is the rule of life, everything you do must be done in balance. Too much sitting or standing is not good for you. Too much eating the same types of food is not good for you.

The study recommends that for every 30 minutes of a sedentary job, 20 of those minutes can be sitting, eight of the minutes should be standing and the last two minutes should be stretching. Persons should get 2-4 hours of standing during their sedentary job time. NASA has determined that if a person simply stands for two minutes 16 times a day, a person can maintain bone and muscle density. Simply standing burns up to one calorie per minute, so in four hours, that is 240 calories. Sitting for more than an hour causes calories to turn to fat rather than muscle. Sitting for six hours reduced the leg’s main arteries by more than 50%, but was restored with just 10 minutes of walking. Many employees now have a combo desk that allows them to stand when they want to.

The key to this is basic. If you have a sedentary type job, get up and move about during breaks and lunches. Get up and stretch when the need occurs. Sitting is bad for your health!


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