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Six Steps For Finding a Dentist to Fill a Cavity & Good Oral Health

Updated on December 6, 2013

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Finding a Dentist

Not long ago, some people never went to the dentist. They may not have money, they were afraid of teeth being pulled, or the pain they experienced. However, going to a dentist to get your fillings done can be cheaper and without the fear or pain.

Dental work in Mexico is outside of the scope of this article. I may publish an article about dentistry in Mexico in the future, but not today.

Here are six steps to do to find an affordable, friendly, and painless dentist to for good oral health and cavities that need to be filled:

Beautiful Mouth

Beautiful Mouth
Beautiful Mouth | Source

Six Steps to Finding the Right Dentist

Decide on which area or town you want to go. This is important because some towns or cities have so many dentists, they may offer cheaper rates or free x-rays. Once you have figured out your town/city: get the local newspaper.

  1. Search through the newspaper to find dentists that are offering free whole mouth x-rays.
  2. Why X-rays? This is a way to pull in new clients.
  3. The trouble arises though when you go and get a free x-ray, they unreasonably charge you for teeth cleaning stating that you will get a free cleaning in the absence of gum disease.
  4. However, they can decide that you have gum disease at any point and then the rates go up or they prescribe more work.
  5. Make sure you can get these x-rays digitally so that you can keep a file of them at home.
  6. Make sure the dentist works in the 21st century with email and digital copies, not faxes and paper.

Call for rates. Most dentists now offer three different rates.

  1. The first rate is the high priced rate for anyone coming off the street looking for a dentist. (This is NOT you, because you are shopping around to find the best for the best price).
  2. Second rate is the insured rate. Trouble is most people do not have dental insurance or they do but it is only for $1,000 total amount. Usually not enough for extra work done.
  3. Third rate is the membership rate. This is the rate you will be using for the fillings.

Get quotes of how much a filling is with the membership rate. You need to find out what the price is before (first rate) and how much is the membership.

  1. Find out how much the fillings cost with the membership rate.
  2. If the membership rate and the filling price is the same as the first rate, find out what else the membership cost gives you for free.
  3. Sometimes you get discounted rates on cleanings, free products, etc.
  4. Do these quotes with at least three dentists. Below is a table to be printed out for that use.

Interview the office. I know this sounds crazed, but you want no fear when going to the dentist, right? Go to the office and look around. You do not need to set an appointment, just go. Some things to look for at the office:

  1. Look at the waiting room: is there a TV, comfy chairs, soothing music, good reading material (not old stuff), maybe a water fountain or refrigerator full of bottled water?
  2. Look at the reception office: can you see the receptionist from the waiting room? (They are visible: good sign). Are they working on the computer or answering the phone? This shows that the place is busy, so you have another good sign.
  3. Not a good sign if they are smacking gum or talking loudly on their personal phone.
  4. Other good signs are receptionist talking on the office phone, office phone is picked up within two to three rings and the person on the other end is making an appointment. You should not hear or see them talking about billing.
  5. There should be another person for billing, not the receptionist. This shows that the dentist has a good working office filled with enough people doing their individual jobs. It is not a fly-by-night dentist office.

Can you hear screams or moans coming from the dental area? This is not a good sign.

  1. Ask to see the dental area: are there separate areas for x-rays, dental hygienist cleaning areas, and individual dental chairs with personal spaces?
  2. Do you see flat screen computer displays, TVs, comfy dental chairs, articulating lights? These are signs that the dentist puts money back into the office, a good sign.

Meet the dentist.

  1. Can you understand them?
  2. Do they make you feel comfortable?
  3. Do you feel like you can open your mouth to them without the fear and pain?
  4. Do they offer suitable solutions to your fear of dentists?

Once you have found the dentist; set the appointment, buy the membership and enjoy a cheaper, friendlier way of getting your teeth filled.

How Much Does It Cost?

Dentist Name
Off the Street Prices
With Insurance
Membership Rates + Membership
Print out this table to find the best Dentist in your specific area


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    • Savio Dawson profile image

      Savio Koman 

      5 years ago from Mumbai, India

      That makes sense. I will get it a shot. Thanks Laura!

    • Laura-n-Sasha profile imageAUTHOR

      Laura Jevtich 

      5 years ago from Any Town, USA

      That is why I made those suggestions. Instead of going to a dentist who you fear (because of the pain he caused you) do the steps here. You interview them to see who is right for you. This way you are in control. The fear lessens. You might even find one that gives you pain medication beforehand or anxiety meds for the fear. I have seen many different dentists and picked the one right for me.

    • Savio Dawson profile image

      Savio Koman 

      5 years ago from Mumbai, India

      Hi Laura,

      Thanks for this article. I had two root canals done and I disliked the experience like crazy. I could not stand the thought of going to the dentist. I fall in your other category of people - the ones afraid of pain (although I had none).

      It has been over a year now that I haven't visited my dentist for filling one of my teeth. I know that that is a bad idea but I am getting myself to come to terms with it. :)


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