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Learn the Secrets to Good Health and Longevity

Updated on August 29, 2012

The World of Walking is An Adventurous Journey

There is so much to see around you through walking. I can't image anything more enlightening and motivating then to put oneself into natures adventurous reality.
There is so much to see around you through walking. I can't image anything more enlightening and motivating then to put oneself into natures adventurous reality.

Six Fitness Improvement Points By Mirror Athlete

Exercise Activity is Key to Ill-Health Prevention

Six tips in exercise activity and programming that will keep you looking and feeling young throughout your life regardless of age.

1. You must develop a plan around busy lives. And before you develop the plan, you must have an ideal of what is your fitness goal. Is your goal to lose weight, rehabilitation, build muscle, better health, sustain weight, increase endurance, competitive sport, improve task specific activity (ski, golf, walk, biking, running, etc.). So now you know before you spend money on an exclusive fitness membership, be sure to have a plan to achieve fitness goals in mind.

2. You must be realistic about your daily schedule. If you’re a working adult with children, there are considerations that must be thought through, like working around schedules, appointments, etc. However, it is not impossible to work in exercise activity even with a busy schedule. It’s a matter of behavioral habit change. For example, if you want something bad enough like taking a family vacation, new car, boat, weekend outing, social networking during time off, weekend bar hooping, watch evening football, baseball, basketball game, spending more time with your significant other; you manage to find the time and resources don’t you?

Yet you have a tough time committing to a healthy activity because you simply don’t have the time (see the point). Your fitness aspirations and health must become as valuable to you as home or car ownership that you also cover with insurance. You pay for these things and cover them for prevention against catastrophe. Your body and sustaining good health should be no less valuable than your personal possessions. You simply must value your health as much as you value your possessions and incorporate ill-health prevention through active fitness participation. This is your fitness insurance for your most prized possession, your good health!

Also keep in mind, just because you pay for health insurance (not to be confused with fitness insurance through active physical participation) there is no guarantee after years of physical and mental abuse medical services will provide a cure-all solution. Only through daily ill-health prevention activity exercise can one add an additional layer of protection from all that will assault the mind-body as we age. Activity exercise is the best pain and ill-health alleviation strategy. Physical activity for life is also a key centurion longevity secret.

Many employers have fitness centers at the job and/or promote life fitness schedules that allow time for workouts. Be sure to check with your employer, if you haven’t’ already done so to see if they have corporate fitness center discounts in the local area. If you have time before work or after the children are in bed a daily exercise program can become a daily habit that you will become addicted too

You must want increased fitness and value the health benefits to become addicted to healthy habits. Or learn to value fitness goals as much as indulgences. For me, working out after work and before dinner had a great fitness benefit. And for many years I’d get up at 5:30am go to the gym, or jog where the adrenalin and metabolism was at full throttle and thereafter, I was primed to hit the job at 7:00am. This habit served me and my professional careers well as I was always at the top of my energy game and I didn’t need energy drinks to start my day. Now in my 50’s one of my age appropriate exercise activities is walking which I’m as competitive as when I played football as a youth. I attribute much of my life and career success to addictive fitness habits.

Like anything else it takes dedication to be successful at anything you do. It’s more a matter of finding an activity that you really enjoy, get excited about and can become addicted to. I tended to become addictive to my exercise program if I could get through the first 5 days of starting a new training routine. If I didn’t make 5 days at the planned fitness level goal, I would reduce intensity until ready for more intense training. I didn’t quit the training; I took it down a notch until ready for the stress load on my mind-body. Activity exercise must vary daily dependent on how the mind-body feels before/after the daily family/employment stress. To push when not ready is defeating and causes many to give up on fitness goals when they don’t learn how to balance the daily grind with healthy physical activity.

3. You must plan and program around age appropriate exercise if you want to find a workout plan, or activity that you will stick with. All too often I hear people give up their fitness goals and activity dreams because they “self proclaim” their too old. And simultaneously they begin to look for fountain of youth quick results gimmicks (weight loss, muscle max, chemical stimulus, etc.). This is absolute nonsense; when did 40 become the new 80 plus crowd? On the flip side, there is absolutely no reason, 50 can’t be the new 30 plus crowd. My point is, if you want quality living experiences regardless of age, you must find age appropriate activity and exercise, or you’ll not stick with it. You are not 20 if your biological age is 40. Why would you train to become a marathon runner at 40 years of age?

I’m not saying this isn’t possible, as a matter of fact there are some very well conditioned athlete’s into their 50’s+. But for most of us, you can’t go from lethargic couch potato and train the way you did before you became a potato. One thing you’ll find out about elite athlete’s (50+) they have not lost step with their competitive physical edge, they’ve sustained a competitive mental-physical habit without fail throughout the years.

Is there a health risk at this competitive age? Certainly there is, they are pushing the biological-physical plane envelop. This activity training intensity is not meant for most entering their 40’s. Unnecessary stress on mind-body relative to age and physical condition is something that needs to be considered when planning fit-healthy activity training.

4. If you are infrequent about your exercise, or activity routine, it is very important you learn to pace yourself each time you exercise until your body is ready for a 3-5 day exercise activity routine. Ease into your workouts, forget about competing with what you see others doing. Set your mind to see yourself as the healthiest 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 year old possible in your neck of the woods. If you think exercise-activity appropriate per decade, you’ll stick with a healthy exercise program for your age while physically appearing and feeling 20-30 years younger for your age. Why don’t I go beyond 80 years of age? Actually, 80 years and above should walk-swim, light weight, flexibility training, eat right for good health and socialize, travel as much as possible. At this age, I thoroughly believe, each day is a blessing and one should enjoy life to the fullest while reducing life stresses. Basic ill-health maintenance is the name of the game here.

All too often those 40 and above seek the Hollywood conventional wisdom to find their fountain of youth quick result gimmick(s) after they fail to change their bad habits. They become mesmerized by the tabloids and their favorite star’s physical appearances. They focus in on young, vibrant and wrinkle/fat free models and starlets. They are not focused on age appropriate activity and appearances. Instead desperately want to turn back the hands of time and will stop at nothing to achieve this goal. This is not God’s law. You have a purpose for every decade of life. It is your job now to be wise and healthy for your children’s sake and grandchildren. This means to grow old with dignity, your health in tact and serve as a positive role model for future generations to come.

Those that follow Hollywood conventional wisdom must have blinders on. Because if they follow the nip-tuck; take 30lbs off in 30 days; blast your abs, thighs and buttocks; fountain of youth gimmicks then they also know the following is true. What does Hollywood do with its actors and actresses once their physical flaws become too apparent? They throw them out like old dish rags don’t they?

The paparazzi relentlessly pursues them and exploits their aging, overweight, ill-health flaws and relationships that have gone bad. Many of these aging icons you worshiped can’t keep up with the immortal Hollywood youth expectations and self destruct. You see this, but deny the reality of the situation and search for a younger icon to follow

Why would you ever follow a young celebrity’s advice on fitness tips while hitting your 50’s? Especially if they have no specialized training in age appropriate fitness and ill-health prevention techniques? Hollywood and your iconic stars don’t cater “how to achieve” quality living experiences for the 50plus crowd. Instead, they offer quick result diet and fitness solutions to turn back the hands of time to make a quick buck. All the while, they mostly use perfect model specimen’s, made up to look as if the results are mostly due to their secret product ingredients.

And this always leads me to wonder, really how good are these man-made diet products for your overall health? And what health risk are these customers subjected to in the long run for a quick metabolism boost result?

There is one fitness celebrity that sticks out in my mind as one of the greats, Jack Lalanne. For years, he has been known as a world renowned fitness expert broadcasting through the 60’s at his peak celebrity status through our TV’s. He now is known for his Power Juicer products. To this day his life-long fitness story is amazing. Research him on the Internet if you get the chance and learn more about his exercise fitness principles that have served him and followers well through all ages.

5. Consider food intake. If you over consume, especially after 7:30 pm, or on the weekends it will be hard for you to notice weight loss. Body metabolism slows down tremendously after this time storing excess calories as fat. Weekends will be your worst enemy. This is why in the next paragraph I recommend if you are just getting started into a workout routine; plan two of your five day exercise activities on the weekends for the first 2-6 weeks. Try consuming mostly a Mediterranean diet and/or 50%protein, 20%fat, 30% carbohydrate diet.

What this means in real weight loss terms for a period of time. Stay away from the following main dishes/snacks: Pizza, pasta, breads (whole grain ok) baked goods, ice cream, deserts, casseroles, pancakes, waffles, restaurant chains (fast foods), candy, chocolates, chips, milkshakes, alcohol, diet sodas, artificial sweeteners (aspartame). These are the main addictive food habits that are causing much obesity in this country

After exercise and fitness goals are achieved, balanced eating behaviors become much easier. You will naturally crave healthier food as the chemical food toxins for lack of processed food consumption is removed from the body. This is not to say you can never have pizza, or have a few drinks, etc., “That would be ridiculous.” Balance my friends; we simply must get to a level of fitness for your age that you desire and will stick to. Thereafter, the fitness habit will become addictive which will lead to lifelong healthy habits including balanced consumption of more natural food choices.

6. Find a workout routine you can stick with: try biking, stationary treadmill, stationary rowing, aerobic dance, ball room dancing with spouse, tennis, walking, golf, jogging aerobics sessions, swimming, etc., 3 days a week (mix it up with gym activity). Make sure you get in 2 days a week gym exercise activity and 3 days aerobics

On the weekends substitute an aerobics week day activity with a planned family outdoor activity, backpack, dance, healthy food gathering activity (walk and shop for your meals), camping, fishing, etc.

I recommend 5 days a week workouts to sustain fitness levels and good health. I use combinations of all these activities throughout the week to sustain my age appropriate activities. I use combinations of daily walking, swimming, gym exercises (stationary equipment use for muscle building and toning, light weights, 12-15 reps per exercise per body part), to include aerobic cross trainers (elliptical), bikes, etc. I also like to bike, camp, fish etc. Changing up fitness activities will help with motivation, will power to stick with a program and breakup the typical grind of gym exercise routines. These are activity mix exercises that become very addicting if you can break the 4-8wk exercise habit barrier. Because it takes this long for toxins to be adequately removed from the body and natural brain chemicals to stimulate activity motivation. Note: brain chemical release (adrenalin, epinephrine, dopamine, serotonin) through exercise is as addicting as nicotine is to a smoker. And these chemicals are naturally released during exercise activity. This is how exercise becomes addictive to those that appear in top notch shape.

Now that I’ve provided you “How to Exercise and Increase Fitness Levels,” get out there and get it done! Try various combinations of exercise activity, break up the fitness conditioning patterns and don’t go into any activity program at full intensity until conditioned to do so. Good things in life come to those that take the time to do it right while balancing all age appropriate life activities and goals.


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    • carolina muscle profile image

      carolina muscle 

      9 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      I think you made some very important points here!!

    • sheila b. profile image

      sheila b. 

      9 years ago

      If only I had 10 more hours in a day!

    • creativeone59 profile image

      benny Faye Douglass 

      9 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

      Thank you woodamarc, for a great hub and fitness advice, thank you for sharing. Godspeed. creativeone59


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