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Six Ways You Can Live A Happy Life Right Now!

Updated on August 30, 2014


You may ask yourself, "How can I be happy?" Such a simple question could not have a more complex answer, yet have such simple solutions. A simple yes or no fails to paint an adequate picture. A yes or no fails to encompass the passage of time. What about now? Are you happy now? What about five minutes ago? What about five days ago? Will you be happy five minutes from now? What about five days from now? A better, more accurate question might be: Are you consistently happier than you are unhappy?

Understanding the difference between the first question and the last question is half the battle to living a happier life.

Most people see happiness and unhappiness as two opposites forever opposing one another. The first step in living a happy life is understanding that happiness and unhappiness are more like hot and cold. Cold is not an opposite of heat, but rather an absence of it. Heat either exists or it does not. Cold is only the measure of heats presence. The colder it feels, the less heat there is. Cold does not exist and neither does unhappiness. If you are severely unhappy, then your mind is merely measuring the absence of happiness. Happiness is the barometer that measures the quality of the life lived.

To be truly happy, you must create happiness. Like building a fire and standing close for warmth, you must consistently build and cultivate happiness in your life. Do it right now. Life is wonderful. Start building your happy life right now.



Think of exercise as a necessary prescription for your own mental health. Have you ever watched a hamster happily chugging away on his little wheel? He understands instinctively what his body and mind need. Daily, rigorous exercise is an absolute necessity to achieve mental health, and is an easy way to inject happiness into your life. You do not have to follow a regimen. Don't make it a chore. Don't make a list or set any goals. Just get up and do something. Anything. You will be surprised at the results.

Find A Creative Hobby

We are all made in God's image. Many interpret this differently, but it really means that we were given the means and desire to be creators. There is nothing more satisfying than looking over an item, or building, or even an idea that exists solely because of you. It is a testament that you are alive and is a physical manifestation of your value. It doesn't have to be big, or great, or magnificent. It only has to be satisfying and pleasureable to you. It doesn't even have to have a rational purpose. No matter what it is, it only exists because you are here. That is the magic of creation.


Get Outdoors

A herd of cattle grazing in a green field. Wind blowing through leaves of multicolored hues. Dew glistening on a flower petal. A mist shrouded horizon of distant mountains. Ripples across a crystal blue sea. A perfect red rose against a field of green. Warm sun rays on a cold day. These are just a few of the miracles awaiting you if you merely step outdoors. Remember that despite your humanity you are still just an animal. If you don't step away from the clamour occasionally, your mind and soul will never truly find rest. Sometimes it has to get quiet enough so that you can actually hear. You don't need a reason at all to get outside. Just do it. Go for a walk in the park. Sit on your back porch with a good cup of coffee. Go hiking in the woods. Go fishing. It doesn't matter. Just get outdoors.


Turn Em' Off

There are a thousand ways to entertain yourself, but entertainment does not create happiness. Entertainment only distracts us and consumes our time. Today we face constant bombardment from television, phones, radios, computers in our daily lives. You may not realize it, but these things are constant stresses. You are creating and maintaining a high stress environment that destroys happiness. By eliminating stress you provide an atmosphere that promotes the growth of happiness. So turn em' off. That's right, turn em' all off. Everything. Make a promise to yourself to disconnect at least once daily from all your electronics and give your mind an opportunity to recharge.


Eat Less, Eat More

Food is a basic need and can be a powerful tool for building happiness. Too much or too little destroys happiness. By changing your attitude toward what you eat you can build a happier life. To create happiness with food, take the time to truly enjoy it. Focus on the quality of the food instead of the quantity. Focus on your food and enjoy every bite. Do it today. Turn off the television or computer and focus solely on what you are eating. Savor every bite. Do this every time you eat. Promise yourself you will only eat when you can truly enjoy and focus on it. Spend time preparing something from scratch. Better yet, create your own food. Grow it, hunt it, prepare it and eat it. Experience true satisfaction every time you sit and eat.


Connect Less, Connect More

With technology today, everyone is available at the touch of our fingers. With the touch of a button we can reach out across the world and communicate with the ones we love. But remember we are animals. We are tactile, physical creatures who need complete connection, not just a text message. We often sacrifice or disregard our personal relationships because of these empty connections. Next time you want to message someone or talk over the Internet, arrange a meeting over coffee or invite someone over for dinner. Go visit someone. Be rude. Connect with your friends and family more on a personal level, and lower your dependence on your electronics.

Live A Happy Life Today!

Remember, you are the architect of your own life. By building happiness you will create a masterpiece. Seize the day!

If you are depressed, are you following all the suggestions above?

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What did you do today to build a happier life?

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    • doctor sareer profile image

      Muhammad Sareer Khalil 5 years ago

      Brilliant, esp the heat cold example !!!!!!!!

    • janell93 profile image

      janell93 5 years ago

      Amazing. This is so true in every way. Incredible.

    • chip1775 profile image

      Brett Wood 5 years ago from Atlanta

      Thank you for the comment Rebekah, and I agree with you. I could have been lumped into the group you speak of only a short time ago. The light is always there for us to see, but we have to pick up our own heads and have a look around to find it.

    • rebekahELLE profile image

      rebekahELLE 5 years ago from Tampa Bay

      Beautifully expressed. I couldn't agree with you more. Happiness is a choice we make over and over again. Sadly, there are many who may never experience genuine happiness because they're waiting for their circumstances to change.