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Sixty Years Old Man With The Passion Of Fitness

Updated on June 6, 2016

Mr.Tahir Niazi from an asian country aged 60, maintaining the passion for fitness and bodybuilding from last 45 years. according to him he was fitness conscious when he was only fifteen. He started the workout at home by doing push ups, chin ups , and other body weight exercises . then he joined a gym at eighteen years old. After hard work of one year he became the in the bodybuilding competition . after one more year he appeared for mr.state and got the first position. and after the three more years he stood runner up for but he didn't lost the hope. he kept on working harder and harder.

He was not much educated so could get any nice paying job. so had do the ordinary works, like first of all he started to driving a city service van to support his expenses for bodybuilding diet and gym fees etc. by the time he joined a medicine company as a sales representative. after one year he had enough money to start a shop of whole sale product of daily home use, like a general store. at this age of sixty he use work at his shop from 11 am to 9 pm, and at 10pm he do his workout in the gym. this man name '' Tahir Niazi " is in such a shape that he could easily win the title for his country, but when i suggested him to fight for this title he refused by saying this that if he will win then his passion of fitness would go decline, and he said that when a man achieves his target then he stops running for the achievements , so that is why he don't want to participate in any competition anymore.
Tahir got thousands of fans in his city and out of it too. People use to gather around him in the gym to ask the secrets of this fitness. but his answer is always this that keep working hard, whether you had the circumstances or not. try to get fit in your budget and live your life for some aim. there must be some difference between the life of an animal and human, as animals just have to work, eat and sleep. there should be something that keeps you running toward your aims. Fly High and live a different kind of life. so you could be described in such a words as tahir is being.
Keep in min that " Gold Is Never Old "


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