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Is it possible without surgery to remove a skin cancer or melanoma?

Updated on February 17, 2009

Skin cancer

Why do people seek out specialists? The main reasons are probably

the same reason I did, that was to confirm to myself that there

was nothing to worry about and it wasn't skin cancer.

Three and a half years ago I made an appointment to see

the skin cancer specialist in my town.

The day came; I took my turn at the clinic, sat down and waited.

While waiting I observed a mainstream of people coming out with

large white dressings on their noses, foreheads, cheeks,shoulders

in fact anything that you normally see exposed on people.

The nurse then called my name so I was next, the apprehension

and anxiety started to build but I needed to know, was it? Or wasn't it?

So I went in. The doctor came in and examined my nose, he then told me it

looked like a skin cancer and then said he would perform a biopsy to confirm

his suspicions. When the specialist returned he confirmed that it was an

Infiltrating Basal Cell Carcinoma the worst part was what he then told me

that if it was not removed it could travel up my nose to my brain and kill me,no

if but or maybes What do you do in a situation like that?Do you blame it on

your parents or your friends or on the government it seems everyone else

seems to blame it on everyone else but themselves. Thinking back over the

years I admit I made mistakes for example getting badly burned at the

beach,and at picnics,also boating in other words trying to enjoy life and not

being really concerned about the consequences,after all when we are young

we are invincible that sort of thing always happens to everyone else not me.

.Well that someone else is now me and every year hundreds of thousands of

people around the world are diagnosed with skin cancer or melanomas that

eventually kill some after they have run the gauntlet of surgery and loss of

flesh and facial features. Can anything be done about it? Is it possible to

remove skin cancer without resorting to surgery the way I have?

Absolutely,and does it work absolutely it has and is working for thousands of

people around the world as we speak.

I have a link at the bottom of this page to an ezine article I wrote recently that

you can have a look at this gives more information and also there are pictures

of some of my skin cancers and some videos.

Altogether to date I have effectively removed 100 skin cancers using this method.

After the specialist gave me his diagnosis a friend introduced me to this

treatment the specialist told me over the phone when I informed him that the

skin cancer was now gone and surgery was no longer required.He told me he

did not believe it and he wanted me at his clinic on saturday .

He then clinically tested two scaple shavings from my nose tested it under the

microscope and told me to go home because the Infiltrating Basal Cell

Carcinoma was now none existant on my nose.

Now you know why I believe in this system so much.Thankyou


Photos of Joseph Ripolles skin cancers

Joseph Ripolles
Joseph Ripolles
Skin cancer on nose
Skin cancer on nose
Skin cancer on back
Skin cancer on back
Skin cancer on neck
Skin cancer on neck
Skin cancer on forehead
Skin cancer on forehead

Skin cancer removal without surgery




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    • josephripolles profile image

      josephripolles 3 years ago

      you can find the ointent here its called cancema


      all the best

    • profile image

      Patricia Shannon 3 years ago

      Mr. Ripolles,

      I am sure by now that your "recipe" to remove skin cancer has been removed from your site and I am very sure it is not displayed in any form therefore allowing those in the medical field and the pharmaceutical field to continue drawing those concerned with any type of skin cancer to them and only them. Your recipe is nowhere to be found and I was hoping to be furnished with this knowledge so I can pass on this information to several people I know who are facing surgery and are terrified. I am one of them. I do believe that there are alternative methods of healing many of our human ailments while not shelling out our hard earned money to entities who know all too well that their methods will not only disfigure their patients but that the initial cancer will return.

      Thank You For Your Time & Kind Consideration,

      Patricia Shannon

    • Rosie writes profile image

      Rosie writes 6 years ago from Virginia

      Interesting article. Nice to see people looking for alternative treatments that are less invasive.

    • profile image

      Skin Cancer Warning Signs 7 years ago

      Skin cancer make someone suffer