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Skinny Fat Syndrome - How To Cure Your Skinny Fat Appearance

Updated on April 16, 2014

Skinny fat syndrome is a term that is commonly used in the gossip and celebrity style magazines and the media. With there being a magnificent obsession on getting down to size zero the after effect of this could leave you with a “skinny fat” body.

But what exactly does this mean and what exactly is it? More importantly how can you prevent this unhealthy look from either happening or preventing it from happening and even reverse it for life.

Skinny fat syndrome is the way the body looks when there is a combination of too much body fat and not enough lean muscle tissue. Just because you are both trim and slim and may get some admiring glances there is a huge difference in being skinny and thin and being healthy and lean. The answer is having the correct ratios of body composition.

A healthy body composition looks like this: high lean muscle tissue partnered up with low, yet in the healthy range body fat percentage. This combination is what will give you a shapely, tight and firm physique and your condition will then be considered as being in great shape.

This will also mean that your risk of disease is lower because high fat percentages have been linked to high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis and even heart disease.

Being skinny fat affects your bone strength as your bones are weakened by the muscles not pulling on them due to low lean body mass. This cannot be seen by the human eye as it is internal yet it puts you in the osteoporosis high risk category.

Especially when people go on serious low calorie and meal skipping restrictive diets the metabolism slows down and valuable muscle tissue is lost. Losing more muscle than the normal healthy level can have a disaster effect on your overall general health.

Skinny Fat Syndrome Solution #1)

A structured exercise program that involves weight and strength training (yes ladies that means you too!) will help to build back up your lost muscle tissue and reboot and speed up your metabolic rate. Cardio interval training should be performed in place of any steady state cardio you are doing now.

Skinny Fat Syndrome Solution #2)

Your eating plan should consist of 4 – 6 small meals made up mainly of natural, whole foods every day. It’s vitally important to make sure each meal has at least 20 grams of lean protein as protein holds onto muscle tissue when burning fat.

Skinny Fat Syndrome Video

Skinny Fat Syndrome Solution #3)

Watch the video above & see how I use the Tanita BC543 Body Composition Monitor to change my clients body composition & reshape them healthily. The Tanita's are key for monitoring & doing regular readings during the reshaping process. Not just used as a tool for monitoring muscle & fat but also the other 8 readings keep a close eye on your overall wellness internally.

Skinny Fat Syndrome Conclusion

There needs to be a strong emphasis on making healthy food choices that become a lifestyle instead of hopping from one "fad diet" to another. This along with a consistent strength training routine/cardio interval routine makes it possible to actually reverse your body composition from being skinny fat to being lean and healthy with lots of vibrant energy and less risk of disease.

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