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Skinny Guys be Warned, this information may help you change the way you look

Updated on June 27, 2011

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This is not about been blessed with good genes; society in general considers obesity as unhealthy, undesirable and just not sexy, and while all of the above may be true (I am not saying that they are); the skinny guys are not perfect either.

We, the skinny guys have an advantage over the heavier guys; it is true that in general our health may be in better condition just for having less fat in our bodies, but being skinny does not necessarily mean you look good or sexy.

Hey , there will be a day when we get our own TV show, perhaps named something like the biggest gainer, but until that day, all we have is each other.

Photo by Stuart Conner CC License
Photo by Stuart Conner CC License

Skinny Guy Changes his Body

I was a skinny guy once, not anymore. Changing was not easy or quick, it took time and I failed a few times before I was able to put on the mass I was looking for.

This is how I did it:

1- Change eating habits: stop eating junk foods, limit sugar intake, switch to whole grains, and almost entirely eliminate all packaged foods.

2- Exercise regularly: whether you want to become a muscle freak or just look better, exercising is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.

3- Shakes: are great because some of them are really high not only in protein but also in total calories, something that hard gainers find hard to get. Commercially available shakes are also quick to prepare; however not all are great tasting.

I found Extreme Extreme XXL - Weight Gainer and BSN True-Mass helpful on my mass gaining diet, they worked for me; however now I make my own shakes.

How to make a shake for the Skinny Guy

Shake Diet: Put all of the following ingredients in a blender, to make one cup of almond milk, 3 scoops of whey designer protein, cocoa powder a few strawberries, and walnuts. The shake is about 650 calories, all natural and has 60 grams of protein


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