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Skinny Obsession: Skinny Inspiration Videos and Polls

Updated on January 16, 2015
Skinny Obsession
Skinny Obsession | Source

Skinny Inspiration Poll

Which outfit are you trying to look good in when you get to your goal weight?

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Do you have a skinny obsession? Do you spend a lot of time thinking and drooling about getting down to a small dress size 0 or 2? You aren't alone. Watch these skinny inspiration videos that detail the stories of women trying to get down to a US size zero.

Perhaps you think this would be too thin, and instead want a reliable method for getting down to a size 4 or size 6.

Don't forget to take our interactive polls to tell us about what dress size you would like to be, what article of clothing you would love to look good in, and why you want to get slim.

At all times, listen to your body, and do not attempt to starve or risk your health to get skinny. There is a proper slim size for you, and you can get to it in a healthy manner of eating properly and exercising.

I want to just lay on a beach in a bikini and feel my stomach go flat.
I want to just lay on a beach in a bikini and feel my stomach go flat. | Source

What do you want most from being skinny?

We asked women, "What do you want most from being skinny?" These are some of their responses.

"Honestly, I'd like to be able to not wear a bra, like those skinny women I always see on the boardwalk. How freeing."

  • "I want to be admired by guys for being frail and feminine -- someone they can pick up and carry."
  • "I want to just lay on a beach in a bikini and feel my stomach go flat."
  • "To eat cheese fries for dinner and not gain weight."
  • "I want a flat butt. It's so trendy lately to have a bubble butt for some reason, but I don't want one. I never thought that was attractive."
  • "It's funny, but there's this movie called The Station Agent. Patricia Clarkson wears these preppy clothes in it, and she looks so slim in them. I would change my clothing style to that if I could look good as her."
  • "To fit into anything I want I guess."
  • "To have a butt without cellulite -- like Saffron Burrows in Tempted. There is a scene where she goes into the shower. I'd just like my butt to look like that."
  • "That's a funny question, because deep down I really don't know. I guess because everyone else wants to be thin it just seems like the right thing."
  • "I want to be skinnier than my sister. She's always showing off in tiny dresses. For once, I want to be the skinny sister."

Living with Size Zero: Part 1

What is your best stay-slim secret so far?

We asked women also, "What is your best stay-slim secret so far?" We got a lot of good answers.

  • "Not eating breakfast. Once I got used to that I noticed my appetite was lower the rest of the day."
  • "No snacking. It's such garbage that they tell people to eat three meals and three snacks a day. It just keeps you going back to the fridge a lot and it's bad for your teeth."
  • "I don't eat out."
  • "I realize all I can do is eat less. I live a sedentary life having a job at an office, so it's all I can do."
  • "I haven't figured it out yet, but I eat a lot of veggies which seems to help."
  • "I do a lot of walking. I'm one of the only people I know who will walk to the grocery store for 45 minutes just to get exercise, rather than sitting on my butt in a car just for convenience."
  • "I look at thinspo -- a lot."
  • "I look at how so many people in my town have gained weight from the hearty mid-western style of eating, and it just keeps me on my toes, I always take a good look in the mirror to make sure I am 'keeping up.' It frightens me to one day think I could be very overweight. It's in my genes too."
  • "I try my bikini on every two weeks, even in the Winter. That way I never get out of control weight-wise."

You're never alone with your skinny obsession. There are millions of people trying to lose weight. Always follow the advice of a medical professional when it comes to your health and fitness. Slow, consistent weight loss is the key to a slim body!

I try my bikini on every two weeks, even in the Winter. That way I never get out of control weight-wise.
I try my bikini on every two weeks, even in the Winter. That way I never get out of control weight-wise. | Source

Living with Size Zero: Part 2

Why do you want to lose weight?

See results

Skinny Inspiration Video: Super Skinny Me


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