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Skinny Girls being Pregnant

Updated on January 11, 2013

OMG, look how small she is! You cannot even tell that she is pregnant. She needs to eat more, or that baby is not going to weigh enough. Okay, enough with these comments about girls being skinny and pregnant!

My 8lb 13oz Baby


Being a skinny girl and being pregnant at the same time, someone always wants to say something about your weight, baby, or you not being healthy. Sometimes these comments can just get up under a skinny girls pregnant skin, not only are you worrying about being pregnant and being healthy but having someone to down on you just goes to the extreme.

Me being Skinny

I’ve always battled the comments of people calling me too skinny or are you just anorexic? When I got pregnant it seemed like the comments attended to get worse. I had peopled telling me that I needed to eat more, when the truth is I ate like a pig, even if it was junk food or healthy food. I just never really gained weight by eating food.

Moving Passed Peoples Comments

If people are making these comments to you while you are pregnant, they are rude and just tough on you because you already have enough to deal with. I mean yes, at times it did make me want to cry but I am a fighter, tough, and I am high above other people. If they are not a doctor or have a medical degree than they can just keep their mouth shut! The best thing about moving passed other people comments is to one- ignore them, two- show them the baby after you've had it, and three- just keep it moving and act like it does not bother you.

Laughing Back

After I had my daughter who turned out to weigh 8lbs 13 ounces and 20 ½ inches long, was the most beautiful and healthy baby that I’ve ever seen in my life. The people who told me that she was not going to weigh enough, and most of them had babies themselves and their babies did not even weigh close to my daughters weight it just really makes me want to laugh in their faces. All the rude comments that they had to make was it really all that worth it?

What Matters the Most

If you are in these predicaments like I was in, people making rude comments about your size, what really just matters the most is about you and that baby. Taking care of yourself and your baby is the most important thing that you can do. Even if other people are trying to tell you to eat healthy, truth be told I ate junk food usually along with fruits and veggies of course. Weighing from 105lbs to 170lbs, and having an 8lbs 13oz and 20 ½ inches long baby, I think that I did pretty good.

Overall, it really does not matter if you are skinny and pregnant or have a little meat on your bones and being pregnant no one should criticize your weight while being pregnant. The OBGYN doctor will tell you if their is something that you need to worry about, other than that the ones who are making the rude comments, just overlook them and you will be stress free.

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