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Skins: A Social Image

Updated on July 19, 2013


Skin | Source


Skins: A Social Image

Mitochondria are in all cells, organs, muscles, and tissues of the human body, especially the skin which is the largest organ in the human body. Mitochondria are the energy powerhouse of all cells and it is the instructional and functional delegator of our heart, liver, skin, pancreas, and vital organs.

In comparison to other life forms the human body has 35,000 different cells that form our molecular structure. Other species or other forms of life like the mustard plant have 27,000 and the fruit fly has 14,000 different cells, but they do not have skin functionality like the human beings of the earth.

From head to toe the body is covered in the keratin and collagen rich substance we call our skin. It is a myriad of telltale signs of the human dynamic. The skins picturesque social palette is a visual and advertised view of our health, diet, external environment, culture, and even our emotions. It radiates what we eat, drink, and are exposed to in a dynamic covering called our skin.

Since, we are made of 23 sets of chromosomes as we discussed in the series, “The Oxygenated tightrope” we have a DNA double helix that intertwines the skins molecular structure with our nerve cells, mitochondria, neurons, and appendages (fingers, lips, toes, and body). These appendages and nerve endings send messages to our brain as described in the series, “The Mind a Central Processing Unit;” but each part of the body is different and it has a different set of instructions from receptors that send messages to the brain. For example, the scalp has skin and rough hair follicles that in comparison to the other parts of the body where it is almost hairless with fine hair follicles.

The covering and first layer our epidermis is a sensational sensory receptor and is the frontline protector that sends messages back and forth to the brain (our mind) that transfers messages back and forth to our vital organs and produces reflexes of energies. The first-line epidermis detects heat, cold, and responds to the touch and chemical reactions.

In order for the skin and the brain to function properly they need to be feed properly and groomed properly, so it does not become disorganized or sends the wrong messages through the sensory receptors in our skin.

Vital nutrients and vitamins like CoQ 10 and carotene when combined provide a useful and formidable defense mechanism for the body, mind, and vital organs like our skin. These two vital and vibrant nutrients are powerful together to combat aging and improve the overall performance of the human body.

Our skin also goes through an evolutionary change daily when exposed to the elements, chemicals, toxins, temperatures, and different food and drink we ingest. Our world within the worlds is interrupted by the changes and internal changes are affecting in its own human ecosystem (our DNA structure).

The human ecosystem evolves just like it did when we were Neanderthals into homo- sapiens; and into modern humanoids. So essentially our world is changing with the external environment and we could be on the cusp of an evolutionary change as well.

The outer layer of our skin is a sensational sensory receptor that contains less than 35,000 different cells that react, respond, instruct, and sends transmissions to and from the brain. So many interactions are occurring at one time in a matter of milliseconds. The receptors are neurons that are propelled at 225 miles per minute within the frontline layer of the epidermis and it communicates these messages to the brain.

Other vital and essential routines to improve your skin is using hydrogen peroxide to hydrate and oxygenate the skin on the surface and through the pores, that way it serves a dual purpose to feed the bloodstream Oxygen. Vitamins that are in creams, oils, rinses, and other beauty regimes are essential to keeping our skin vibrant and supple in the fight against wrinkles. Oxygen is available in aerosol cans to oxygenate the top layer of the skin also, and spas are currently fusing their spa treatments with Oxygen.

Volume 1, Issue 23, 3-5-2013


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