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Slam Dunk that Funk 2: More Ideas on Busting Out of a Rut

Updated on March 16, 2014

Are you stuck in a muddy ditch, spinning your wheels, contriving metaphors? Of course you are. Everyone could use random ideas to change up their life. Who has time to think of their own ideas for out of the box thinking? I sure don’t. Well, I make time so that you don’t have to do all the thinking. Let’s paint a picture of your life using the browns, beige, and burlap colors in which you are accustom to using. Pretty boring. Now let’s add a touch of dark blue. Not much better, but at least we tried.

If you are thinking, “Where is the first version of this article?” follow this link to the first article.

I bet if you are like me, you are thinking I’m going to just skip all this malarkey in the introduction and get to the list where this author tells me exactly what I want to know. Slow down there, Speed Racer. I need to tell you about random facts and figures regarding ruts and funks. There has to be some puns related to dunking a basketball, funk music, or other such nonsensical tomfoolery. If you are still reading this section, I applaud your effort. You must really want to bust out of a funk and only have me to help you through. That is very cute. Alright without further ado, here are 5 more ideas about changing up random things in your life to give you that rush of vitality you have been missing for so long.

#1 Cereal Sandwich

I was shocked when I found out that cereal is actually technically soup. Mind blow. Not how I eat it though. If you don’t like your cereal getting soggy, eat it as a sandwich. Take your bread, maybe spread some peanut butter on it, add some of your favorite cereal, close it up, and eat it. The sandwich and its crunchy goodness screams to you "What took you so long to think of me!" Grab a glass of milk and you are set. If you are feeling frisky, you can dunk the sandwich in the milk. Whoa, this just got too real. Also, this method is much easier for cereal on the go. If you have the skill to eat a soupy, slushy bowl of liquid and small pieces of grain while driving to work, more power to you. I would be spilling it all over myself. Not to mention the necessity to drive with one’s knees. Don’t constrain yourself to bowls of cereal. (Honey Nut Cheerios and peanut butter is probably the way to go.)

You'll know it's a stranger if they're wearing a trench coat.
You'll know it's a stranger if they're wearing a trench coat.

#2 Start a Conversation with a Stranger

Do you know who your friends were before they were your friends? You guessed it: Strangers. When your mom told you not to talk to strangers, she meant because you were a little kid and probably annoying and embarrassing as well as much more likely to be kidnapped. As a young loudmouth, I can vouch as evidence for both of those. I talked about Mamihlapinatapai in an earlier article. Basically, the word describes an interaction where two people look at each other and want an interaction but neither one wants to make the first move and initiate that interaction. This happens all the time. You should be the one to start conversations with people. This act shows a great deal of confidence. If you imagine a person walking around smiling and saying hello or talking to someone in line, they seem to be in great spirits. It is because they have all these interactions. Instead of anointing that person as a happy freak with whom you don’t want to associate, become a person you walks around with your head held high. Positive body language goes a long way towards happiness. We put too much emphasis on why we talk to people. Treat talking to strangers as practice for when you talk to someone who “matters” to you.

#3 Write Things that make you Glad and Keep them for those Low Moments

This practice makes absolute sense. You might not be happy all the time, but there are moments where you are. We forget those moments like we forget jokes that make us laugh. The good moments don’t seem as important because we don’t have to dwell on them. Happy moments don’t need solved. We fixate on the terrible thoughts about death, destruction, and desolation. Nonstop thought of our future that we cannot control and the past that we can’t change are always filling up our minds.

You can start small with ideas like “The feeling of Chapstick on lips that need it makes me glad.” Then, you progress to ideas with more gravitas like “Holding a baby reminds me of why I continue to push forward. The child’s warm skin and positive energy melts my frozen heart and revitalizes my spirit.” They don’t have to be poetic either. “I like cookies.” That works too. Just go back and read the list together and remember the happy moments of your life. Positive thoughts make positive people.

#4 Extreme Drinking: Laugh Track

Drinking games can be a ton of fun. One of many drinking that I’ve come up with is “Laugh Track Drinking.” If you are watching a sitcom (Example: Big Bang Theory), you might forget how much they play laugh tracks. The laugh track simply blends into the scenery. You may choose to use alcohol of some kind, but I like to play using water. Also no one looks down at you for drinking a bunch of water when you are alone in the middle of the day. If you do have a friend to play with, you can play until one of you quits. Paying attention to the laugh track makes you more aware of how often it plays. It also makes you more aware of other background items that you have simply tuned out for years. Another idea about it is to drink more or less depending on how loud and boisterous the laugh track becomes. At the end, you will either be very drunk or very hydrated.


#5 Fireworks

You might think that the date needs to be July 4th for you to get fireworks. Who says? Fireworks are fun. Get some explosive fireworks and head out to a field or your backyard. There is a certain Je ne sais quoi about something going boom. Another activity that is better with a friend. Call someone up and say that you have a box of fireworks and they will drop their non-firework plans immediately. Be careful… but not too careful, that is part of the fun. If fireworks are illegal in your state, you should not do anything like this. *Wink.* Doing things that you are not supposed to is not a proper way to have fun. *Wink.* I must have something in my eye. The adrenaline rush of explosions gives you that rut busting power. Blast that funk with explosives.

There you have it, 5 more random ideas of things for changing it up. These ideas might involve another person, but not too hard to accomplish. Wacky food ideas, becoming more friendly and confident, remembering happy or positive life moments, drinking lots of water, and making things go boom are all great ideas for living a better life without actually having to make huge life changes. Little changes can go a long way towards a better life. Hopefully these ideas spur your brain to start thinking unconventionally as well. Remember: Life is more fun outside the box.


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