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Slam Dunk that Funk: 5 More Ideas for Busting out of a Rut

Updated on March 24, 2014

The world gives you a heavy load which is sometimes difficult to carry. What doesn’t help is that feeling of endless monotony. Every day can drain on your psyche until your bucket of caring has run dry. You collapse through a cleverly disguised trap which heaves you plummeting down a pitfall of emotions. Don’t worry about gravity; I’m here to give you that parachute to impede your fall. Here are a few cute little ideas to impede your descent into madness. Some will help you by changing up a something with no real consequence. Just doing something slightly different from the usual can make a difference. Although some other ideas will actually improve your life. You can achieve a healthier mind and body, without expending too much time or energy. These small changes can help in a big way. Just slightly changing an outlook can make life much more bearable. If you are still reading through all the gloomy metaphors, you are doing a good job. At least one person is proud of you.

You have come here for help in spicing up your life with little, random ideas. I will try not to disappoint you. If you are looking for other articles with more ideas, look no further than these two previous articles by myself.

So I think we both know the drill by now. Well-written introduction, advertise previous articles, throw some meta-comedy about writing article, the list with glossy pictures, then wrap it all up with a fun conclusion. It is a recipe that makes some delicious articles. Let’s get to the list.


#1 Sushi

When you think of sushi you might think of gross raw fish. Wrong. Well, I mean, wrong is a strong word. I am inclined to disagree with your opinion. You are just scared of what is different. Remember that different is the goal. Getting some freshly made sushi can liven up your normal food routine. Be warned that wasabi is not guacamole even if it looks like it. Do not scoop it up and eat it all in one bite. AHH! Add some of the ginger and put a small bit of it on your sushi. The tingling spiciness finds a temporary home on the inside of your nose. This feeling is different than the other spicy foods you have eaten which focus their spiciness on your tongue. The whole process is elegant since for some reason a very old, wise looking Asian man will come make the sushi. Watching him master his craft is somewhat Zen. If it is a normal-looking person making your food, it still tastes good so eat it. Heck, you can even get your own ingredients and make it yourself. If you are an old Asian man, then it will be even better.

#2 Smile

Which came first the chicken or the egg? I know that there were egg-laying animals before the chicken so the answer is the egg, but I meant it as the idiom form. Do you smile because you are happy, or are you happy because you smile? If you smile for just a little bit, you will immediately feel a little better. Studies show that stress relief hormones are release after even just a few moments of smiling. People who walk around with scowls on their face just seem less approachable and less happy. Quality of life can be measured just based on how much you smile. It can be contagious too. You smile at someone and then they smile. They smile at someone else and so on. Soon, you are responsible for world happiness spikes. A smiling person has that secret that everyone else wants to know. What is that person smiling about? They must know something that I don’t. You are now perceived as more positive and everyone wants to be your friend. Great decision!


#3 Tooth Paste Not in a Tube

When you are thinking about your passé existence, one of the major activities is brushing your teeth. I am not saying to stop brushing your teeth. Cavities, bad breath, and other bad outcomes are not recommended. I’m saying change a facet of the activity. I hate tubes of tooth paste. Why have we not unshackled ourselves from this game of squeezing this frustrating tube? There are other ways. They sell cans that you press a button and get the tooth paste you need, long over-do change. This new tooth paste is more bubbly and foamy and makes you feel more clean. Changing it up will change something small you do every day.

#4 Forgive someone

Forgiving someone is easier said than done. People will perform transgressions that seem to be unforgivable. You might refuse to speak with them for months or years. What are you really getting from excommunicating this person? They still have a place in the far-reaches of your brain where you harbor this searing hatred. At a certain point, it is time to let it go. It is often said to be the bigger person. Being the bigger person is nice, but really you have enough to worry about without this person upsetting you. They might not deserve to be forgiven, but you deserve to lift the burden from your conscious. This deep-seated anger is not healthy to keep for so long. Honestly, you might not even have to do anything official about it. It is preferable to actually talk about the issue and have resolution, but if you can just move past the issue, that’s all that really matters. Forgiveness is up to you. Really think about if this person really deserves to be dead to you. Sometimes the answer is yes, but sometimes you realize that it wasn’t as big of a deal as you thought it was. Maybe you will regain a lost friend.


#5 Fly a Kite

You are not too old to do activities that were fun as a child. Flying a kite regains that childhood wonderment. How does that cloth contraption stay up in the air like that? Is gravity not real? This is another activity that is more fun with a friend. You don’t want to be the creepy person at the park running around trying to get a kite in the air. Maybe avoid the children at parks if you are registered on Meg’s Law. When you are with a friend, anything you do can be normalized. Run, run, run… awe man… Run, run, run… YES!!! If you don’t understand that statement, you don’t understand the joy of getting a kite in the air and making it go super high up there. You are missing out. That feeling of accomplishment makes you feel alive at least for a brief moment. Avoid power lines and other obstacles. Let your inhabitations go even if you use a little bit of that liquid encouragement.


There you have five more ideas to change up things in your life. We are stepping towards things that will actually increase the goodness of your life. Today’s topics help to try new things, increase happiness, switch it up, let go of hardship, and get outside and do something fun. Some parts are less humorous than I prefer. I’ll have to get more wacky with the next list. The more off-the-wall ideas are sometimes the most helpful. Just remember: Life is more fun outside of the box.


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