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Slam Dunk the Funk: 5 Ideas for Changing Your Life 4th Edition

Updated on March 29, 2014

Have you ever felt trapped in your own life? I used to feel that way until I started turning things around with seemingly small changes that make a big difference. At first, even I thought I was making these nonsensical lists that have no true value. Trying out some of the proposed ideas myself has really helped me through a dark time. Harnessing my inner child, changing up little things, and lifting off the weights that are deep in my brain are making each day a little better. Reconnecting to old friends reminds me of the great attitude I once had. You can be that optimistic person you used to be as well. The only thing holding you back is yourself. Alright, I will stop now before this becomes a clichéd motivational speech.

Here I have yet another list of random ideas to mix up your life. Enjoy your life. You only get one. Try out some of these ideas and you won’t regret it. If you are looking for more lists I will put the links here.


#1 Weird Fruit at the Store

If you have ever been to the grocery store, you have probably seen the produce section… then walked right by it. OK maybe you pick up some apples, oranges, bananas, or other average Americans standard fruit choices. Have you ever really looked at the other crazier choices? You can choose fruits that are off the beaten path. Star fruit, pomegranates, ugli fruit, and some many others. These fruits sit there and you barely notice them. Here and there you might say “what is that?” while you stroll by without even breaking stride. Try it. If you go to the store once a week, pick out a piece of fruit you have never had before. Large grocery stores carry a multitude of oddball fruits, so this can last you a fair amount of weeks. This fun idea makes each trip to the store less of a monotonous chore and more of an adventure. The small monetary risk brings new excitement to your life. Coming home and unpeeling for whatever you need to do to the fruit, the nervous excitement to taste it, the sweet juices fill your mouth. Yum. They are fruits so they are going to have fructose, the fruit sugar. This basically seems it is likely going to be sweet and delicious. If it is not delicious, you will know better next time. At least you had a fun fruit adventure. Change up the routine from the normal fruit avenues.

You'll be doing hand stands in no time... some time.
You'll be doing hand stands in no time... some time.

#2 Yoga

Gosh, people will not stop talking about yoga. Find my balance, de-stresses me after a long day, improved my flexibility, and improved my healthy. How prestigious. Oh wait, it actually does have these benefits and I was just too close-minded to realize it. Now it makes sense why so many people are hooked on the practice of yoga. I have been doing yoga and it does work. There are many different levels, so you can start slow and work your way up to the more advanced practices. Start with deep breaths. Studies show that just breathing deeply for a few minutes has many positive health outcomes. Then you link these breaths to movement. Then you advance to finding balance. Then you increase your flexibility. Then you are doing arm balances, head stands, handstands, and other crazy things you see from advanced yogis. I have obviously cut the practice down to the basics just in the interested of time. I might do an article specifically on the practice of yoga. You can also say cool things like “Namaste.” This is a customary greeting or salutation that basically means "I bow to the divine in you."


#3 Little Bottle of Good Liquor

When you go to the liquor store or have someone buy you something, we normally go with the cheapest stuff that still tastes alright and gets us drunk. While Smirnoff is a good choice for the normal cheap drunk that we are looking to achieve, there are those small bottles that look like they belong on an airplane. I was surprised to do that math and find that they are not as much of a rip-off as I thought. For $1-$5 you can indulge in the top-shelf liquor that you have only dreamed of drinking. Another idea with these little bottles is to buy them for those fancy mixed drinks you wanted, but didn’t want to spend $150 on all the bigger bottles it would take to make it. You were sticking to your well-drinks, but now you can change it up. Coke and rums or vodka and sprites can turn into Long Island iced teas and Royal Flush Martinis. You are living lavishly now. That taste of luxury can change up that dull night in a fancy night.

I never noticed how much a picture of something whistling looks like a duck face.
I never noticed how much a picture of something whistling looks like a duck face. | Source

#4 Whistle

Whistle while you work, woo WOO woo-woo woo-woo WOO! The task of whistling through text was harder than I first anticipated. Whistling is fun. It makes you feel happy inside. If you do not know how to whistle, all is lost and I’m sorry. No, just kidding. You can learn now. This is a different kind of fun. Wet your lips, make a little pouty hole with your mouth, then blow out gently. If you are still having trouble, you can listen to Flo Rida’s “Whistle.” That song is about learning to whistle, right? Anyway, you can whistle around your house or walking down the street. Just be careful, because people might think you are up to no good with nonchalant whistling or sexually harassing them with the “hey you are sexy” whistle. Some song options include: “Do Your Ears Hang Low?” or Andy Griffith Show theme or Monty Python’s “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.” Most songs can be whistled at least somewhat. Try it out.

#5 Photo Adventure

Going on a trip or adventure and taking lots of pictures. This idea might sound like it is only for young women, but anyone can have fun taking silly pictures. For some reason, when you have people and a camera involved anything goes. Your friends will climb on statues or jump off walls just to get memorable pictures. These pictures can stay private or post them on a social website for other to see how much fun you are having. The general public might look at you strangely when you are taking these wacky photos, but you won’t care because your inhibitions are lowered since you have a camera. Mundane tasks turn into adventures when they have photo documentation to go along with them.

This is me pretending I'm flying on a median strip.  The person in the car is giving me a dirty, surprised look.
This is me pretending I'm flying on a median strip. The person in the car is giving me a dirty, surprised look.

There you have it. More fun ideas. This list helps for changing it up, balancing your mind and body, tasting the good life, being happy, and doing something fun. If you are having a difficult time right now, it will pass. Try some of these ideas to make it pass just that much sooner. Don’t worry what other people think. As long as you like yourself, other people will like you too. The items on this list aren’t the only ideas that will help. Seeing my weird little things should help you come up with your own ideas. Remember, life is more fun outside the box.


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