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Sleep, A Natural Cure

Updated on March 30, 2013
Sleeping teen
Sleeping teen | Source

Sleep, restful sleep, the deep relaxing REM sleep that is only attainable after going through cycles of shutting down one's mind, if consistently interfered with can and does lead to various health problems.

More and more research is being linked to diseases of stress and sleep deprivation problems. A person's overall health and quality of life is being attributed to how much sleep they get or don't get.

We all know that as the human body goes through development and growth it needs significant amount of sleep for repair.

Apparently this doesn't stop as we mature yet more and more of us are taking our sleep for granted sacrificing it along with our health through over stimulation.

Then on the other hand we have to realize that just because we say we slept it does not mean that we got significant rest because a lot of doctors are finding that many of us are not attaining the REM sleep where the body rests and repairs it self.

Two Stages

There are two major stages Non REM, which takes about 45 minutes to physical repairs and REM, which takes more than 90 minutes to intense dreaming and brain activity.

Both stages are necessary for physical and mental well being.

What we are missing out on is the fact that answers can be achieved in our sleep. They are missed because we are not allowing ourselves the time to just reach each cycle level that can help with repairs and dreaming.

TIPS for sleeping to achieve natural cures.

Setting the environment - Bedroom

  • Sex and sleep only zone
  • lower temp to about 68 degrees
  • cover all lights, that can't be turned off
  • fix all outside noises, like faucet dripping
  • get rid of gadgets
  • night lights in bathroom
  • soothing scents, like lavendar

What not to do within 3 hours of sleep

  • eat a heavy meal
  • exercise
  • watch stimulating TV

What to do an hour or two before sleep

  • dim the lights
  • turn off stimulation
  • meditate, read something soothing
  • turn on 'white' noise, like a low fan
  • reduce room temp, 68 degrees
  • 'nude' sleep
  • take a bath
  • drink warm milk or chamomile tea
  • journal

Body comfort


  • Neck, keeping it neutral
  • Side sleepers, between the knees,

When you buy pillows to sleep on you need to keep a few things in mind, to help with neck stiffness and lower back pain using the correct pillow always proves to be beneficial.

Lower back issues can be alleviated or at least helped with side sleepers placing a pillow between the knees and back sleepers placing one under the knees.

Neck issues, like stiffness can be alleviated by choosing a pillow that keeps your neck aligned and in neutral so it can't keep your head too high or too low.

Back sleepers also need a pillow that keeps their head in neutral, it can't be too high or too low.

Stomach sleeping is not recommended, because it requires the sleeper to twist the neck.

Making healthy choices influence everything in our lives and sleep is among the most vital to the body repairing itself. It is also a natural cure choice that can be easily achieved.

Think childhood sleeping.


  • Nap early
  • Caffeine intake early
  • Set sleep time and pattern
  • Block light
  • Exercise early, and in day light if possible

Natural sleep patterns are affected by the sun, that is why it is recommended to get a significant amount of natural sun to stimulate the body, especially for health reasons.

So go ahead and sleep!!!


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