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Sleep Apnea Causes Treatment And Cure

Updated on July 31, 2016

The Concept Of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a breathing disorder or problem characterized by momentary interruptions of breathing during sleep

Inability to breathe for several seconds to even longer periods medically termed as sleep apnea can be a life threatening and dangerous condition. Many a times your deep sleep is disrupted by this condition and your rest cycle disturbed. In critical situations, it has even been found that a person with this ailment will fall asleep at their work place or, even worse, while waiting for a traffic light to change when driving their car.

People suffering from sleep apnea usually don't recognise the kind of condition they are passing through. Even, it is difficult to believe when their spouse constantly complains they are not breathing when sleeping at night, it's pretty easy to figure out. Unfortunately, there are no standard and reliable tests for the condition except for the sleep laboratory test administered at a local sleep center, clinic or hospital.

If you are prone or susceptible to being disturbed in your sleep several nights a week, followed by extreme or intense tiredness during the day, you should subject yourself to medical check-up by qualified medical personnel to identify your problem.

Obstructive sleep apnea", one of the types of the sleeping problem condition results from a blockage in the airway most noticeable by loud snoring when asleep. The airway collapses or shrinks and blocks the normal flow of air to the lungs. This results from the muscles of the airway relaxing during sleep. Frequently there's some loud snorting and wheezing associated with the condition. The health or clinical implication caused by this condition is a stroke or heart attack due to the reduced amount of oxygen in the blood if prompt attention and wise medical step is not taken.

Then, what step is to take to find the last solution to this problem. The first step is the use of a Continuous Pressure Device (CPAP) which creates positive pressure on the airway. When the condition manifests itself, the positive pressure produced by the device prevents closure of the airway.

The right way to diagnose the victim or patient with this condition is in a sleep laboratory where you will be monitored by medical experts. In the laboratory you will be connected to sensors around your chest and attached to areas of your scalp and forehead. Your blood oxygen levels will also be monitored. This apparel is associated with some discomfort wearing it when you are trying to fall asleep. But the condition can be effectively diagnosed even when you can't get a full night’s sleep when hooked up to all this apparatus. The monitors and pulse oxygen readings will give your physician a good indication of the nature and extent of the problem.

Once your case or condition has been diagnosed and established, you can choose to use a sleep apnea machine to create the needed positive pressure during sleep. A mask is worn over the nose and mouth. Initially the mask for the machine can be very difficult to use until you become adapted and comfortable with it. Several types of masks are available. You should be able test out several and choose the best you are comfortable and usable with. There is one that does not cover all of the mouth and nose, using only the nasal passage way as the air inlet area. Another is held in place by the patient's lower jaw and teeth with light weight straps. Whatever solution, it will no doubt take a few weeks to really determine if you can adjust to such devices. Note also that the air pump providing positive air pressure is going to make some noise. While it is not as loud as early models, the current devices still make some noise and you will have to adjust to that when sleeping.

Another alternative method is from your dentist. Dentists have recorded many successes using a kind of dental plate that allows the lower jaw to extend slightly. This procedure can help prevent the collapse of the airway canal or passage and permit even, unobstructed breathing. Such a device is formed and fitted by your dental profession working hand in hand with your sleep apnea physician.

Importantly, seek qualified medical advice to determine and ascertain the nature of your medical condition if you are suffering with sleep apnea and the right immediate solutions, if any, are appropriate.

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