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Sleep Apnea: Signs and Symptoms

Updated on January 3, 2012

Sleep Apnea is No JOKE

Having sleep apnea myself, I can tell you, it's miserable. On average, I stop breathing thirty times an hour or more. My c-pap machine only seems to make it worse so my only other alternative is to have surgery done. I have compiled a list of signs and symptoms of sleep apnea. If you have any of these symptoms please see your doctor as sleep apnea can even cause death.

  1. Excessive Day Time Sleepiness- There were and still are days I almost fall asleep driving and at work. I am tired all the time no matter what I do or how many hours I sleep.
  2. Problems with Memory and Attentiveness- I have troubles remembering simple things like doctor appointments, where I put my car keys etc. I also find myself drifting off in day dreams that are more like being half asleep.
  3. Sweating and chest pain while asleep- I sweat terribly at night. I have never had chest pain but it is a symptom.
  4. Headaches when you wake up that go away as the day goes on- I frequently wake up with a headache due to lack of oxygen during the night.
  5. Loud snoring- Not all snoring is caused by sleep apnea but it is a symptom.
  6. Night time gasping or choking- this is usually caused by your body's reaction to you not breathing. I do this ALOT!
  7. Personality Changes- On days I haven't had enough sleep it really affects how my outlook on things are and makes me irritable and quickly agitated. I tend to lose my temper easier on those days and am more likely to become sarcastic and mean.

If you do have any or all of these symptoms please see a doctor as sleep apnea can shorten your life, cause death and just all around make you miserable


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    • Smokes Angel profile imageAUTHOR

      Smokes Angel 

      6 years ago from Broke Alabama

      thanks for the comment

    • OutWest profile image


      6 years ago

      Nice hub. It is not only serious but more common than most people think. If you can get past the cure it will be of great benefit. You never know how well a good night's sleep can be or what you've been missing. Sleepiness in the day is not supposed to be the normal way to get through the day. Fatigue to the point of exhaustion is not the way to live. For anyone who can fall asleep at any moment you might want to consider getting yourself checked it can put undue stress on your heart and put you at serious risk of a heart attack.


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