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Sleep Paralysis Demons and Other Creatures

Updated on July 23, 2019
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I'm Sam. I enjoy writing about sleep and mental health-related topics as well as ways to prevent stress and to relax.

In German, the phenomenon is known as alpdrucken. In pinyin (a dialect of Chinese), guǐ yā shēn. In Hungarian, boszorkany-nyomas. Sleep paralysis and the “visitors” that accompany sleep paralysis are so widespread that almost every culture has a word for it.

The names for these visitors often reflect what the people who speak that language think the visitors are. The Hungarian term, for example, literally means “witches’ pressure.” Pinyin is a little more straightforward, meaning “ghost pressing on the body.” Most recently, in the English-speaking community, these nighttime visitors are blamed for reports of alien abduction, demon possession, and home hauntings.

Sleep Paralysis vs Nightmare

For those who have never experienced this phenomenon, it is easy to brush it off as a waking nightmare. There are likely incidents that are reported as sleep paralysis demons, which may actually be supernatural experiences. It’s impossible to know which are which. Anyone who has experienced a visitation will tell you that it feels extremely real, confirmed by the knowledge that you are actually awake. A person experiencing sleep paralysis is actually awake—the mind is, the body is not.

Those who take a critical look around their room once the experience is over and they are fully awake and able to think rationally again, often find that what they thought was a figure was actually a coat hanging on the doorknob or a shadow created by a piece of furniture.

I woke once to my little sister screaming bloody murder about a man in her room. She told me he was standing in between the two bookshelves on the opposite wall from her bed. What it was, actually, was a shadow, being cast by a combination of the bookshelves a lamp, and a vacuum cleaner my mother had left in the hallway outside of our room.

Our species has a very deeply ingrained fear of the dark. It is an evolutionary one. When we were a species that lived in small communities, in caves, the dark was full of things that would kill and eat us. The same is not true of modern society, but the fear remains. So it is easy, with the bedroom light on, to rationalize and to say, “Yes, of course, what I saw—what I imagined I saw was this or that—but in the moment, it feels real—too real.”

Manifestations of Sleep Paralysis Demons and Visitors

What are the most common manifestations of sleep paralysis demons? Here are a few that have been reported as early as the middle ages:

Incubi and Succubae

This is one of the most common early explanations for sleep paralysis and the visions that accompany it. The incubus and the succubus are essentially demons that first try to have sex with and then attack a person while they are sleeping.


If you’ve read The Crucible or seen the movie, you might recall a scene in which men and women come forward to testify to the court that the accused witches came to them in the night and “rode” them (meaning pressed down on their chest). Like the incubus and succubus explanation, this has been a popular story, especially pre-industrialization, for many people who experienced sleep paralysis. It is even the origin of the word “nightmare.” A “mare” is an old Germanic word for hag.

Demons and Malevolent Spirits

It is easy to see why this would be an assumption many people, after feeling paralyzed in their beds and sensing and/or seeing a figure looming at their side or pressing on their chest, would make. They often say that the thing in their room feels evil. It feels like it is going to hurt them. When they actually do wake up, the thing is gone. Some people have experiences so vivid that they hear the figure talking to them. Some have even said that the demon will tell them things that are going to happen over the next few days.

Alien Abductions

This is a claim that has become much more widespread in modern times. Instead of the dark, looming figure, some report seeing a bright, white figure. It still feels scary, but the circumstances are slightly different. These are often associated with out-of-body experiences or the feeling of being lifted and removed from the bed, returning hours later, having lost that stretch of time.

What Kind of Sleep Paralysis Experience Have You Had?

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Wildly Differing Sleep Paralysis Experiences

One of the things that makes it difficult to pin sleep paralysis down is the wildly different experiences people even in the same culture can have. While we may know that during our deepest levels of sleep, the deepest troughs of the REM cycle, the body switches off the motoneurons.

It does this so that as we are dreaming, we are not also trying to act out those dreams. We also know that in the dark, in a moment of terror, we are very good at exaggerating sight and sound, so good, in fact, that we can conjure up our own hallucinations. What types of hallucinations and experiences are most common?

Vision of a Dark, Murky Figure

This is surprisingly common and has been reported throughout history, across all populated continents. No matter what it is attributed to (witches, demons, aliens, the brain’s own fears), there is no doubt that millions of people have seen something standing over their beds when they were in a state of sleep paralysis. In the lore of sleep paralysis, they are often just called “the visitor.”

Pressure on the Chest

Like seeing a dark figure, feeling pressure on the chest and sometimes around the throat is extremely common. Science tells us that we feel this pressure because we are panicking and resisting the body, which is still technically sleeping, and therefore breathing very slowly. During the sleep paralysis experience, however, it does not really feel that way.

Out of Body Experiences

Some people report actually floating above the scene of the visitor leaning over or actually sitting on top of their paralyzed body. The out of body experience is not as common as other hallucinations and visions, but is still fairly widely reported.

Being Yanked, Pulled Out of Bed, or Scratched

These more physical experiences are much rarer than visions and pressure. Some will feel a hand close around their ankle and their leg being pulled. Some will actually feel that they are pulled out of the bed. Others will only feel like they are being scratched by something with claws or long fingernails. The interesting thing is that neuroscientists explain how the mind has a map of the body, so maybe the reasons for these experiences should be found there.

Visions of a Very Detailed Figure

Less common even than the sensation of being physically attacked is the vision of a very detailed, fully-formed person, standing near the bed, but some report both the paralysis and the apparition.

Two Books on Sleep Paralysis Visions and Demons

Case studies that entertain theories regarding sleep paralysis and nightmares beyond terrestrial explanations are difficult to find. Sure, there are the random forays into the supernatural by laymen and blog posts littered throughout the internet from personal experience, but a scholastic study that includes more esoteric observances is very uncommon indeed.

  1. Sleep Paralysis: Night-Mares, Nocebos, and the Mind-Body Connection
  2. Sleep Paralysis: A Guide to Hypnagogic Visions & Visitors of the Night

1. Sleep Paralysis: Night-Mares, Nocebos, and the Mind-Body Connection

Given that the book Sleep Paralysis: Night-Mares, Nocebos, and the Mind-Body Connection was written as a case study by a medical practitioner, the information inside, one would hope, could exceed the boundaries of haphazard speculation and lean toward a more didactic and logical approach. The answer to that speculation is, unfortunately, a bit of both.

Sleep Paralysis Historical Accounts

Historical Accounts of Sleep Paralysis

The author's descriptions from historical accounts are sound; the references a palpable example of the occurrences many individuals still experience in modern times. For example this reference to a second-century physician:

“The sleeper feels that somebody is sitting on his chest or suddenly jumps upon it or that somebody climbs up and crushes him heavily with his weight. The sufferer feels incapacity to move, torpidity, and inability to speak. Attempts to speak often result only in single, inarticulate sounds”—Soranos

Such mentions leave the reader appreciating and perhaps relieved by the fact that the results of sleep paralysis have been occurring for centuries. Also the author’s inclusion of Lilith and Ephialtes, the female and male antagonist often referred to as the culprits behind the more horrific forms of sleep paralysis and the nightmare, provides a unique insight into the religious aspects of the time.

Demons, Entities, and Visitors of the Night in Other Forms?

From there she describes other entities defined as the offender throughout different cultures, with the Succubus and Incubus being two of the more prevalent aggressors known. She goes into the historical witch trials as well. Her medical references end on a high note with the following:

“Imagination cannot conceive the horror frequently given rise to, or language describe it in adequate terms…Everything horrible, disgusting or terrifying in the physical or moral world is brought before [the victim] in fearful array; he is hissed at by serpents, tortured by demons, stunned by the hollow voices and cold touch of apparitions…At one moment he may have the consciousness of the malignant being at his side…its icy breath is felt diffusing itself over his visage, and he knows he is face-to-face with a fiend…Or, he may have the idea of a monstrous hag squatted upon his breast—mute, motionless and malignant…whose intolerable weight crushes the breath out of his body.”—Robert Macnish, The Philosophy of Sleep, 1834

Is It a Practical Guide on Dealing With Sleep Paralysis?

Despite such weighted historical examples, the author doesn’t distill the information into one cohesive piece that can be described through the evaluation of a total theme. Therefore, even though the accounts she has uncovered are intriguing, they lack any bearing on discovery in and of themselves. The reader could possibly be left with a much better historical understanding of sleep paralysis or a waking nightmare but little information on how to deal with it.

A Little to Much on the Etymology of Sleep Paralysis

Regarding what the author is attempting to provide in her book, from the beginning she goes a long way toward attempting to prove her views with the use of language. Initially, this seemed intriguing enough but shortly afterward she spends a huge portion of time on etymology to the point that the text comes across as pseudo-intellectual and exhaustive. The employ of terminology is relevant for a time, but to go to such lengths without real cohesion or focus weighs the book down considerably.

Internet Posts and Cross-cultural Examples

Once the author crawls out of those pages and begins to focus on the topic in a broader sense, she utilizes an array of internet posts from random individuals mixed with cross-cultural examples in order provide information on the subject. This again presents an air of presumption, disregarding a more studied application and in turn obfuscating the author’s authority.

Hmong and Possible Hereditary Aspects

Outside of the book not providing any novel or contemporary insight regarding the nature of the subject, her study on the Hmong was interesting. Her view on the possible hereditary aspects of sudden death due to nightmares and visions after arriving in the United States was a well-established read that deserves further research beyond what she’s written. Despite the secularist view, an approach to the perceived spiritual nature of such attacks on an entire grouping of people would be a study of great interest even though the decline in these occurrences may prove to be too impactful on the possible accrual of appropriate data.

Coping Mechanisms and the Lack of People Coming Forth

By the end of this book on sleep paralysis demons, nightmares, and visions there is the conclusion that exposes the regrettable reality of learning more about this subject through a scholastic means. She admits that all too many individuals don’t come forward with their information, leaving the medical industry to primarily focus on coping mechanisms instead of delving into the realities that may be causing sleep paralysis issues in so many people across the globe.

She ends her book with a bare and truthful statement that wraps her sleep paralysis and nightmare research up succinctly:

“After enduring for more than five thousand years, there is no indication that the nightmare will ever loosen its tenacious grip. This phenomenon that has afflicted human beings and plagued our sleep from earliest antiquity until the present day is not only a part of our heritage, but it is, apparently, a permanent companion. The nightmare—a link between our biological and cultural selves—will persist.”—Professor Shelley R. Adler

2. Sleep Paralysis: A Guide to Hypnagogic Visions

For any individual seeking in-depth instructions and insight regarding the fascinating subject of sleep paralysis, the book Sleep Paralysis: A Guide to Hypnagogic Visions & Visitors of the Night goes a long way toward providing answers that have eluded us for centuries. The author has attempted to provide new information on all aspects of sleep paralysis from the experience of entities all the way to techniques that can enhance our lucid dreaming abilities.

Even though the material lacks any new or novel evidence, the author does his best to illuminate the multiple facets of this fascinating subject. The result is a well-written guide that attempts to provide answers to the most prevalent questions. He does this while also making sure to instruct on the best means possible for having your own visions, dreams, and out of body experiences as well.

A Large Population of the World Is Unaware?

From the beginning, the book states that 40% of the world’s population has experienced the results of sleep paralysis and its constituents. Given such a large number, it is surprising that few people are familiar with the effects of this phenomenon. The author himself describes his experiences in detail, leaving out none of the esoteric experiences and laying bare his horrors for everyone to read. After doing so, he decides to lay the general aspects of the book out into three digestible arenas. They are:

  • Coping with Sleep Paralysis
  • Confronting Apparitions
  • Thriving with Sleep Paralysis

Reducing the Experiences

The first part, Coping with Sleep Paralysis, is a well laid out and succinct guide for reducing and removing your experiences with sleep paralysis. It provides actionable and logical tools for removing it from your life. The entirety of this part was refreshing and filled with real-world steps that can lead to having control over the experiences for the rest of your life. He describes everything one needs to know and even details the exact reasons and symptoms for its occurrence.

One of the titles, “How to Break Sleep Paralysis Tonight”, describes multiple steps that will immediately halt the problem. From that point, he also provides a means of stopping recurring sleep paralysis throughout the night with vivid procedures that are viable and easy to follow.

Confronting Apparitions During Sleep Paralysis

The area on confronting apparitions is very intriguing and the historical accounts only add to the validity of their presence in many people’s lives. While the author, just as those before him, cannot really provide a grounded explanation for their presence, he does attempt to give sincere information on how to deal with the problem. “The Stages of the Stranger”, for example, provides four means of dealing with an entity depending on its incarnation.

These actions go a long way toward removing or even accepting the being that you see. In one scene the author actually shows how he accepts the being, only to have a beneficial and healing experience once he decided to release fear and accept what was occurring. From aliens and angels to visitations from the dead, this chapter shows all the varying encounters you may have while comforting you with the knowledge that can bring sense to why you experience them.

A Blessing in Disguise?

In the third part of the book, the author suggests that you can not only remove or control Sleep Paralysis, but you can also thrive with it. He states that it can be a blessing in disguise that can provide powerful wisdom and visions for those adventurous enough to commit and dive into their own psycho to confront psychological issues.

Here he discusses how to have out of body experiences and lucid dreams while actually giving procedures for how to achieve sleep paralysis; the very thing that some people perhaps have bought the book in order to alleviate themselves of. The mental practices he suggests are short and could have used more depth and insight. He provides a small list of supplements as well, but doesn’t provide dosage information; something that would be necessary for anyone attempting to use them.

Overall the induction techniques and suggestions are lacking but they at least supply a primer for anyone attempting to further their experience with sleep paralysis.

As a tool for overcoming sleep paralysis and understanding its history, this book by Ryan Hurd is highly recommended reading. It is easy to digest and can go a long way toward offering the necessary tools for overcoming sleep paralysis in your life.

The descriptions of entities, demons and the things (visions or hallucinations) we often see during this time are intriguing while the techniques used for dealing with the matter can be quite helpful for those that suffer from such a problem.

Yet, the instructions for utilizing sleep paralysis for various enjoyable occurrences are overall lacking. If you are able to find material that can accentuate the final part of the book, you’ll go a long way toward knowing all the details necessary regarding this mystifying subject.

The book as a whole, despite a few limitations, is still a valuable read for anyone wanting to know more about sleep paralysis, hypnogogic visions, and the strange visitations many see during the night.

Finals Remarks on Sleep Paralysis Demons and Visions

Knowing that the brain is generating these sensations provides little relief to those who experience them regularly. No one knows what you are afraid of better than yourself, and sleep paralysis demons (or however it manifests itself) are often a reflection of those deep-seated fears. Some people may believe they actually have supernatural experiences, but try to remember that the mind is the greatest trickster and showman of all.

They may all be supernatural experiences or they may simply be the brain manifesting a communal fear across thousands of years, across thousands of miles. Especially the visions and hallucinations seem to be very personal and related to the person's psyche, traumas and beliefs instilled during his or her lifetime.

We hope we provided you with some valuable information on sleep paralysis demons and other creatures to help you through those possible scary episodes. Staying grounded and not believing everything your mind can conjure will go a long way in keeping your sanity.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

© 2016 Sam Shepards


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    • profile image

      Moral Man 

      3 weeks ago

      Yes. Last night I had another nightmare where I see a monster with a pincher claw pinching me. It hurt. A few weeks ago just as I woke up, I could feel something licking my toes.

    • Sam Shepards profile imageAUTHOR

      Sam Shepards 

      3 weeks ago from Europe

      @All please keep on topic of Sleep Paralysis and demons and creatures or experiences you have during your sleep paralysis. Nightmares etc.

    • profile image

      Moral Man 

      3 weeks ago

      Dear Prophet your experience is interesting. Did you converse with these beings? When you say Satan is in control of this world and not God, this is another way of saying God is deficient in some manner. Is God weak and powerless? Are Satan and demons as powerful as God or more powerful? Dualistic religions such as Manicheism, Zoroastrianism, and Gnosticism believe in a good and intelligent God who is weak, while Monism stresses that God is all mighty and sovereign. Well if He is all mighty then He is either not all good, or not all wise, or He is not sane. He is insane. Catholicism, most Protestantism, Judaism, and Islam believe in an all mighty God. The most monistic of all religions is Calvinist Christianity and Predestination, which holds that everything, including all evil, is controlled and willed by God and is predestined by Him. This leaves no room and no possibility for omni benevolence. Theres just no way the Calvinist God could be all good. No way, no how. The Calvinist God isnt even close to being all good, but is predominantly evil.

      The nature and origin of evil has preoccupied my mind for years. Human evil or Moral evil is the worst kind of evil, but for me its Natural evil that is a greater threat to my faith in God. Natural evil is the suffering and death from Nature, and has existed millions of years before humanity appeared since prehistoric times. Theres evidence of diseases in prehistoric mammals and in Dinosaurs millions of years ago. This is very disturbing. Diseases, centipedes, jellyfish, stonefish, mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, lice, birth defects, miscarriages, hurricanes, tsunamis have plagued the creation for eons. An intelligent, benevolent creator would never have made these things. It just doesnt make sense to allow these horrible things either.

      The Bible and nearly all religions say God created all things. That would mean He created the evil things such as cancer, mosquitoes, and centipedes. Others such as author Greg Boyd claim that the Devil or Satan and demons created these Natural evils. But the Bible nowhere mentions that Satan and demons created these cruelties of Nature. Only in Job is Satan described as inflicting physical torture, killing, and death, while elsewhere in the Bible, Satan is better known as liar, tempter, and deceiver. Isnt it going overboard to throw the entire blame on Satan and demons for the existence of all Natural evils just because in the book of Job Satan killed a few people and some animals belonging to Job? Nowhere in the Bible does it say that Satan and demons created all diseases and created centipedes, scorpions, jellyfish, mosquitoes, and ticks.

      When I had the experience of conversing with a voice in May 2014 who revealed that Saturn and Satan are one and the same being, I asked the voice if Satan created centipedes? The voice said no and said that Satan doesnt even like centipedes. But how could this be? If Satan is purely evil and if he is the personification of all evil, then why wouldnt he like centipedes? After all, centipedes are evil, horrible, repulsive, Devilish critters with an agonizingly painful venom and they go around killing and eating any small animal. So if Satan likes cruelty, violence, killing, and death when human beings inflict these things, then why wouldnt he like it when centipedes inflict violence, torture, killing, and death? The voice made it sound like Satan is really a decent guy. Was it lying so I wouldnt be scared and so I would lower my guard? Maybe the voice knew of my deep fear and hate of centipedes and other Natural evils so it denied that Satan has anything to do with it so it can entice me to be a member of this perverted religion. Well its never going to happen. What do you think, dear reader? Was the voice telling me the truth when it said that Satan did not create centipedes and doesnt even like them? Or was the voice lying to me so I would lower my guard? After all, its harder for Satan to win converts if people are scared of him, so he tries to appear as a good guy who is harmless so he can better able win converts. I dont know what to make of this voice. The voice almost made it sound like Satan is really a good guy and that there was nothing to fear. My gut feeling is that the voice wasnt telling me the other side of the coin and wasnt telling me everything. It didnt mention that anyone who becomes involved with Satanism has to drink blood, practice cannibalism, has to sacrifice humans and animals, and whose immortal souls automatically end up in hell to be tortured forever without any hope of forgiveness. The voice didnt mention any of these horrors because it knows its going to scare me and turn me away. There are people who are Satanists who arent afraid of any of these things, and who arent even afraid of ending up in hell. Thank goodness Im not one of these people. The wise man fears, while the foolish man has no fear. I think its my fear that saves me, and in this screwed up world, theres alot to fear.

    • profile image


      5 weeks ago

      @Moral Man ..... I don’t know much but I may have some answers for you, I understand when you say why would god allow these evils to occur... he doesn’t... god watches over the earth but isnt in power, Satan is the god and king of earth who has all authority over it after he was cast down from the heavens by the archangel Michael , he and his demons both celestial and terrestrial roam the earth, I hope that would explain the occurrence of these evils, also don’t believe what the spirits say, Satan is a master of deceit, he will always lie and so will his demons, the world is run by demons, the presidents, politicians , mainstream actors/actresses and music artist are all in some way in contact with or possessed by demons, same with giant corporations and industries including the medical industry, most people in the world do things without even realizing they are evil because the world is under satans spell, they don’t know right from wrong... have you heard of ouroboros? A never ending cycle .... my theory is that is the matrix we are living in, according to revelations when the kingdom of heaven will come to earth and the son of god will defeat Satan in a chaotic and destructive war Satan will be locked up in hell but only for a thousand years, after the thousand years are up he will return , and vice versa, in short and simple words Satan will rule earth for a thousand years and then be the son of god will get his turn for a thousand years and it will continue in this cycle forever... right now we are living in satans reign of the earth, his time is almost up but for now there’s not much we can do ... I got to this page because just last night I had a sleep paralysis experience, I instantly felt the evil presence.. and I kept telling myself in my head “ something doesn’t feel right “ and was able to wake myself up but every time I put my head down it was like I was put under a spell and within seconds went back into sleep paralysis and again said to myself “what the heck is going on i can’t move I gotta get up something feels really wrong” I was able to nudge my head and it woke me up, it happened about 4 times within a few minutes every time I put my head back down after finally getting out of it I would instantly go back into it as if I’m under a spell of some sort , the fifth time it happened I couldn’t move anything to wake myself up and face quickly appeared in front of mine with blue eyes as if he was blind I instantly felt my heart sink and tried my hardest to say my wife’s name out loud, I could feel me saying her name in my chest but no sounds were coming out I panicked and tried to to nudge a part of my body to wake myself this time nothing was working I tried my head , my arms my hands and legs and finally with some quick thinking I said my toes!! And with that I was able to get myself up , as soon as I awoke I knew something was wrong and said aloud “god please protect me” I believe in god but not man made religion , I have a good amount of knowledge on cultural religion and the real world we are living in, the entire world is a lie , all religion is false and worship Satan , our holidays are not Christian, Christmas isn’t the birth of Jesus, Christmas is the birth of Tammuz / nimrod the son and husband of Ishtar and Satan , it is Satan reborn, that is the unholy trinity ... when you encounter these demons don’t believe what they tell you they are lying to scare you because when you don’t the know the truth you don’t have power, when you do see them you tell them “you have no power over me for the spirit of god watches over me and rests upon my shoulders, you cannot harm me you don’t have the power to do so god will not allow it” they will get angry and try to scare you more but stand your ground with your word and ask them to leave ... hopefully this gives you some clarity on why the world is so f*cked up , I suggest looking into spellcraft but be careful with it, I know the Bible says witchcraft is evil but remember there are two types of magic , blackmagic/witchcraft which is for evil And spellcraft which can be used for good

    • lambservant profile image

      Lori Colbo 

      2 months ago from Pacific Northwest

      Years ago I was going through the onset of devastating PTSD. Frequently I sensed and evil presence while I was sleeping. I never saw it. My bed would shake and I swore I was awake because I was looking at my room, but in reality, I was struggling to open my eyes and wake up but I was paralyzed. When I finally was able to open my eyes for real, the room was lighter than it looked in my dream state. I'd fall back to sleep and it would happen again. Sometimes it would go on for what felt like hours. It happened frequently. I haven't had them for years now. I can't say for sure it was demonic, I only know that I felt the presence of evil during the dream.

    • profile image

      Moral Man 

      6 months ago

      The nightmares continue. Vile, gross, disgusting, repulsive degenerate scenes I see in these horrible dreams. Its got to be demonic or sent by the Devil himself to torment me.

      The Fundamentalist, theistic concept of God doesn't make sense in a world filled with Moral evil/Human evil, Natural evil, and Supernatural evil. It doesn't make sense for a God who is supposedly all good, all mighty, all wise, loving, merciful, sovereign, etc to create and allow eons of suffering, death, and evil. Its a deity with a Jekyll and Hyde personality we worship. See the term Dystheism which makes a lot more sense than Theism. God cannot be all the fantastic and wonderful things that they say He is. Dualism also makes a lot more sense in that God is weak and powerless against evil. If God Bates sin and evil so much then why did He create, cause, or allow Natural evils such as centipedes, jellyfish, stonefish, ticks, mosquitoes, cancer, Ebola, stroke, aneurysm, etc, etc? Isn't creating and allowing such horrors as cancer sinful and evil? Isn't torturing and killing your creation sinful and evil? Isn't cruelty sinful and evil? What about birth defects and miscarriages? Abortion is said to be sinful and evil but its ok and acceptable when Nature does the killing with its miscarriages, diseases, and starvation? This is blatant utter hypocrisy and doesn't make sense. If I feel that cancer and other Natural evils is cruel, immoral, and wrong, then why doesn't God feel this way? Maybe God or the creator is partly evil, insane, indifferent, uncaring, unintelligent, immoral, amoral, mentally blind, morally blind. Or maybe He is weak and powerless.

      Satan doesn't make sense either because if Satan is the personification of evil and is the source of all evil, then how is it that Satan or w demon claimed that he isn't responsible for creating Natural evils such as centipedes? If Satan likes murder, killing, and death in human beings, then how is it that he doesn't like Natural evils? This also doesn't make sense. So it seems Satan isn't totally evil and God isn't totally good, and neither of these two deities makes sense when you believe Theistic teachings. Maybe we have been taught wrong all this time, and maybe both God and Satan have both good and evil in them. They both have a Jekyll and Hyde personality. We need to start integrating and include evil as one of God's attributes. "I make peace and create evil." That's God speaking in Isahaia chapter 45, verse 7 in the King James Bible. The clergy and churchmen ignore these verses or try to explain it away and justify it. Both God and Satan are horrible deities in my opinion.

    • Sam Shepards profile imageAUTHOR

      Sam Shepards 

      7 months ago from Europe

      @Moral Man

      Don't be too hard on yourself. Don't judge yourself too hard. Just try to stay grounded in life. I would not seek too much in the visions meaning outside of your own mind. The dreams and hallucinations are symbolism for your own psychological state and fears. You really have to wonder what is there to fear? The harder you make divides between good and bad, beautiful and ugly the harsher you are punishing your own psyche.

      When unsure, talk to a therapist and try to uncover the mess that is the human psyche there. It never is pretty, but stacking up on excessive meaning from visions will not help. Cleaning that up and dropping unnecessary baggage will make life a lot lighter.

      I added two sleep paralysis book recommendations that could help you with making sense of things, especially the second book can be practical.

    • profile image

      Moral Man 

      8 months ago

      Just last night I had another horrifying nightmare. I see my deceased loved ones and as I go to hug them, they speak kindly but in a matter of seconds, they physically transformed into demonic monsters and they told me, "Welcome. We're going to hell." This is very very disturbing. What am I to make of this? Did my deceased loved ones(parents) transform into demons and are they going to end up in the bad place where fire burns forever? Please say it isn't so. This is too horrific to even contemplate. I'm going to end up in a mental hospital from fear. The thought of either one or both parents being unsaved and spending eternity being tortured forever is insupportable. I cannot accept this. Why would God allow this?

      The other possibility is that what I saw was not really my beloved parent but a demon in disguise. Demons can take the appearance and simulate the voices of human beings to confuse us. Remember the scene in the movie The Exorcist when the demon possessed girl transforms herself into the dead mother of priest Father Karras to confuse and torment him. But why would God allow this?

      I have been plagued by nightmares for 28 and a half years. I fear that I will end up in hell and I fear that my beloved parents will end up in hell. I cannot accept this. Never. I live in endless fear.

    • profile image

      Moral Man 

      21 months ago

      I have experienced paranormal phenomena since 1986. It started with out of body experiences while sleeping, and one day in April 2004, while sleeping, I had an out of body experience which was interrupted by a bunch of voices saying in unison, "You are no longer in control." I asked the voices who they were and they replied, "Spirits." Ok, but they refused to tell me what kind of spirits they were. Were they human or non-human? Were they aliens? Were they demons? Were they the spirits of people still living, or were they the spirits of dead people?

      I continued to hear voices on and off while sleeping since 2004. This would be called Clairaudience and is a form of telepathy. On two separate occasions in 2005, the voices became Satanic/demonic in nature and motivation. On one occasion while sleeping, a bunch of voices shouted in unison, "You belong to Satan." On another occasion, while sleeping, a single male voice said that he was a friend or fan of Anton Lavey, the 20th century Satanist, and mentioned the year 1960. These were horrifying, as these voices tried to ensnare me over to Satanism. Its never going to work. I tell them to leave.

      In May 2014, while sleeping, I see the word Saturn and a single voice appears. The voice informed me that Saturn is another name for Satan. Now the issue of Natural evil and Human evil/sin has plagued me for years and has been a threat to my Christian faith. One of the biggest questions I have is: who or what created Natural evils such as centipedes, scorpions, mosquitoes, jellyfish, violin spiders, cancer, stroke, aneurysm, heart disease, ticks, fleas, tooth decay, hurricanes, tsunamis,etc? These horrible examples of Nature are all monstrous, inhuman cruelties causing suffering and death. So I asked the voice if Satan/Saturn had anything to do with these Natural evils. I asked, "Did Satan create centipedes?" The voice replied "No." I asked, "Does Satan enjoy such things as centipedes?" It replied, "Certainly not." I asked, "Who created centipedes?" It replied,"No one." It then proceeded to tell me I'm witnessing something grand. We got cut off before I could ask more questions.

      I believe this experience to be genuinely supernatural because the voice told me something I didn't know up to that point. I didn't know until the voice informed me that Satan and Saturn are the same being. Its also surprising that the voice said that Satan had nothing to do with creating centipedes and in fact doesn't even like centipedes. The voice almost made it sound like Satan is a good guy and there was nothing to be scared of. Yeah right. Was it lying so as not to scare me and to lower my guard?

      So if Satan didn't create centipedes and if God didn't create centipedes, then no one created it. Thats another way of saying that evolution and the blind, impersonal amoral forces of Nature created these horrible venomous pests which have bites that cause agonizing pain and serious sickness. That means there's no Satan to blame, no Devil to blame, and no God to blame for the existence of centipedes. What's very puzzling to me is that if Satan is the personification of all evil and who enjoys murderer, torture, death,and sacrifices, then why would he not like centipedes? After all, centipedes are evil, horrible, repulsive, Devilish critters. I would imagine a purely evil Devil would love something as horrible as centipedes, and yet, the voice told me that Satan doesn't like these horrible critters. How could that be? It just doesn't make sense to me why a purely evil Satan/Devil wouldn't like centipedes just as it doesn't make sense to me why an all good God would create such a horrible, evil, dangerous disgusting animal as a centipede. Maybe Satan isn't purely evil, and maybe God isn't all good. Who knows? I'm still speculating.

      In December 2014, while sleeping, a single voice told me, "You're brilliant. We can use you. Deep down inside, you want me. Let me into you." I knew it was another Satanic/demonic voice. I told him to go away. It got angry and made a threat to me by saying, "Just wait until you die." That is scary. What is it going to do to me when I die? Does it think I'm headed to hell?

      A week ago, in May 2018, while sleeping, I had some kind of attack and knew it was Satanic/demonic in nature. A voice said, "You knew it was me." I replied, "I can sense evil." It seems these voices are able to read minds up to a point. I asked once again if Satan created Natural evils and it said no and then told me to get treatment for phobias! Very strange thing to say for a purely evil being. I sensed the voice to be both evil and with a little bit of good. It seemed to have a Jekyll and Hyde personality. I told the voice that even if Satan had nothing to do with creating centipedes, he could still be evil, cruel, and dangerous in other ways such as forcing his worshippers to conduct killings and sacrifices, and damning people to be tortured forever in hell.

      I have also had poltergeist experiences where my shirt was pulled on one occasion as I woke up, and on another occasion while waking up my blanket was pulled off me. So I live in fear.


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