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Sleep Soundly Every Night book review

Updated on April 15, 2016

Sleep Soundly Every Night, Feel Fantastic Every Day: A Doctor’s Guide to Solving Your Sleep Problems

We all want to sleep well every night, but sleep disorders are becoming more and more common. Many of us don’t sleep enough, don’t sleep deeply enough, or experience disrupted sleep. We want to improve our sleep, but often we don’t know how. There are many factors that can negatively impact sleep, ranging from environmental factors to psychological disorders.

Robert Rosenberg’s book attempts to address the difficulty of first understanding your trouble sleeping and then fixing that problem. His book is a comprehensive guide to different sleep problems and a range of solutions.

How to Use this Sleep help book

One of the best things about Rosenberg’s book is that it serves as both a source of information and a diagnostic tool. You can read to it gain a better understanding of sleep, and you can also use it to analyze your own issues with sleeping and then search for solutions. Rosenberg has organized the book well to start with a foundation of general knowledge and then move into specific sleep disorders.

Readers can start by taking a self test about the symptoms of your sleeping problem. This test shows you which chapters you should focus on later. Part One of the book then provides general information about sleep. This part starts by explaining how important sleep is (in case you weren’t already convinced) and then provides some great general tips on good sleep habits. These tips can help anyone to improve their sleep, so they’re a good place to start.

Next, in Parts Two and Three, the book is broken down into chapters that address specific sleep problems. Based on the self test in chapter one or on your own suspicions about what’s causing your sleep problems, you can skip to the chapters that you think relate to you. These chapters help you to check whether each problem is relevant to you and then suggest a few different options for treatment.

The organization of the book is really helpful. If you take the time to read through it in the way Rosenberg intended, you’ll finish the book equipped with both general and individualized information about sleep.

Comprehensive Information

Part One of Rosenberg’s book, called “Sleep Foundations for Your Best Life,” is a really in-depth look at sleep. Chapter two explains why sleep is so important to our bodies and how not getting enough sleep effects us. This can be a really great motivator for working to improve your sleep. If you already know how sleep affects you and are anxious to move onto solutions, you could skip to chapter three.

Chapter three provides general practical tips for getting good sleep, such as creating an ideal bedroom environment and establishing a routine that aids sleep. Personally, I found these tips really helpful. You’ll want to keep reading to find solutions that work for your particular problem, but these general tips are a good accompaniment to any other treatment.

Diagnostic Tool

In my opinion, the most valuable parts of this book are Parts Two, Three and Four. Rosenberg is really thorough and goes through every conceivable sleeping problem. Part Two addresses sleep impairments such as insomnia, sleep apnea, and restless leg syndrome.

Part Three goes over parasomnia behaviors such as sleepwalking, night eating, and sexsomnia. Part Four discusses psychiatric issues related to sleep such as PTST and ADHD. Altogether, the information in these chapters covers just about every possible cause of sleep problems.

You can use the test in chapter one or your own knowledge to know which chapters to check first. Each chapter includes a description of what the particular disorder or issue is, a relatable example, a symptoms checklist, a number of treatment options, and answers to common questions.

Rosenberg doesn’t skimp on information. There’s a lot of detailed knowledge in each chapter, and there are multiple treatment options. This book was published about a year ago (in June 2014), so it might not include the latest medical knowledge and treatment information.

However, it’s a really thorough tool to check your symptoms against the symptoms of different sleeping problems and find a number of possible solutions. With his extensive “Answers to Your Questions,” you’re unlikely to have any lingering questions at the end of a chapter. Rosenberg’s book really is a thorough diagnostic tool to help you understand and improve your sleeping problems.


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