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Sleep Your Way to a Better More Balanced Life and Younger Attitude

Updated on October 10, 2017

The Accelerated Aging Process and Sleep Deprivation

Severe sleep deprivation can lead to an accelerated aging process and other physical and mental health ailments. Not only is receiving an adequate amount of sleep each night imperative for optimal functioning, but it is also highly advised for emotional stability and weight loss. When people do not get enough sleep they are not only setting themselves up for a faster aging process, but they are also putting more physical and mental stress on their bodies.

Sleep Deprivation and Mental Clarity

Sleep is an important part of life because it is the time that people can unwind and allow the mind to go into relaxation mode. Brain waves and cognitive functioning go through a process known as REM sleep or slow wave sleep, which is essential for good overall mental health and clarity. This is why when people do not get enough deep sleep; they often feel tired, agitated and unsettled. REM sleep allows the mind to go through the processes it needs each night to recover from a hectic day.

If a person does not get the required amount of sleep per night, they will most likely feel tired and sluggish throughout the entire day. This sleep deprivation will end up affecting their ability to think rationally.

Sleep Deprivation and Weight Loss

Many studies have often shown a link between effective weight loss and sleep. People who received adequate amounts of sleep per night, (meaning at least 7.5 hours a night) report seeing a significant difference in weight loss, and weight management compared to others who received less than the required amount of sleep per night. This is due to a number of sleep-related factors.

Important decisions related to weight loss such as nutritious food choices and exercise will be affected. This leads to poor food choices and lack of exercise.

Numerous studies have also shown a correlation between sleep deprivation and weight gain. When a person undergoes inadequate amounts of sleep, their glucose metabolism levels are impaired. This can lead to obesity and the development of diabetes.

Sleep Deprivation and The Aging Process

Sleep deprivation can also have detrimental effects in regards to the aging process. This is because the hormones are affected when people do not get enough sleep. These hormones are what help the body maintain normal stress levels. When a person is deprived of enough sleep these hormones become imbalanced. This hormonal imbalance can increase the severity of age-related ailments. These ailments include the formation of diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and loss of memory.

Another important factor related to sleep and anti-aging benefits is that skin is able to produce more collagen when it is not sleep deprived. This is because the sleep process helps skin retain moisture and helps to smooth the complexion.

The Importance of REM Sleep for the Skin

REM sleep, also known as slow wave sleep also encourages growth hormones to peak. This type of sleep helps the tissue of the skin to repair itself. Both of these skin processes help the skin fight the signs of aging and give the skin time to recuperate and regenerate itself.

Sleep is an important part of everyday life. With enough sleep, people can be victorious in their weight loss goals and counteract the effects of diabetes and obesity. They will also have better mental clarity and make better decisions. Receiving the recommended amount of sleep per night also helps people look and feel their very best. Getting enough sleep also helps the skin cell renewal process and can even help slow down the aging process.


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