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Teaching Sleep

Updated on December 6, 2014

Sleep a skill not a science.

Sleep is not something that some of us can do and some of us cant do, its not something that some babies can do and some babies cant do. Everybody needs needs sleep, in order to function properly and indeed live, we need sleep. A baby is no different. Every baby can be taught how to sleep, in a gentle loving way. It is not a complicated science but a skill. And with any skill, practice makes perfect. If you you put your baby to sleep over and over again, you take away they chance for your baby to learn how to fall asleep alone, by doing that your little one will will learn and need to be dependant upon you to help him get to sleep which may not only become frustrating for you in the long run but for your little one too. Teaching your baby how to sleep is one of the very first privileged skill you will teach your baby.

For anyone who's ever been sleep deprived, you can appreciate that sleep deprivation is no joke. If you are up all night with your little one and you are not sleeping, it means your little one is not sleeping too. As tired as you are, they may be just as tired.

Being able to sleep and fall asleep is a vital skill that they will need for the rest of their lives, by putting in place good sleep habits and sleep routines now you are giving your child the gift of a lifetime.


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