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Fall Asleep Technique-Using The Power of Your Mind to Cure Insomnia

Updated on December 27, 2012

Cure for Insomnia, Sleep Deprivation, Get a Good Nights Sleep Tonight

By Dale Ovenstone 2012

Would it be nice just to drop off to sleep whenever you want to? Well now you can, read on & find out how you can get a good nights sleep tonight!

Sleep deprivation, or insomnia problems, caused by activity within the brain, is a very common factor that WILL keep you awake at night!

Sleep is vital for our body to recharge, enabling us to function when we are supposed to be wide awake, but unfortunately, many seem wide awake when they really want to sleep!

Before we delve into 'activity of the mind' causing insomnia further, let us consider other factors for 'not being able' to rest for sleep efficiently.

Here is one of the most obvious reasons.

You must be tired first!

Phew, now I got that one out of the way let us look at even more excuses for insomnia.

Really, there are only two factors to consider when attempting sleep.

Number one is to become comfortable & relaxed physically/Bodily.

The second consideration is to become relaxed mentally/Emotionally!

Within, I will consider both these elements, analysing each concept piecing the jigsaw troubling many attempting to sleep. I hope my technique carries you into a state of ecstatic bliss.

Physical factors for inducing sleeping

1: Make sure you’re tired

2: Make sure you have been to the toilet.

3: Make sure 'no exterior sounds' (or even possible light) affect you, (especially if you tend to focus too much onto annoying sounds, or if you can't seem to faze out 'exterior sounds' from your mind.)

If this is the case, get yourself some pliable discard-able wax ear plugs locally in your chemist or pharmacist, for good value check out the link to the Amazon page below.

4: Make sure you’re warm & comfortable & you won't be disturbed.

5: Once lying down, relax your body totally from head to toe, try breathing slowly & deeply at first whilst consciously focusing on & relaxing each single muscle in turn with every breath you exhale.

Breath in calm.....

Breath out relaxation.

Focus your mind onto this act, solely.

This will take practice but once mastered over time, should take care of your physical needs required to sleep!

Mental (emotional) factors to not sleeping

Before I discuss the necessary requirements needed to induce sleep we shall take a walk through your mental abilities within such circumstances, as a relaxed mind is highly necessary for sleeping successfully.

There are many problems & concerns within a person’s life that some folk carry to the bed with them, thus finding it difficult to switch off their thoughts!

First & foremost, it is wise to give your ‘thought problems’ a minor chance to be considered within the quietness of one’s mind, especially when in a calm state & whilst relaxing.

Allow your problem or thought to ponder only for a few minutes, stopping altogether after a short period of time.

By keeping yourself awake thinking of your concern will not aid you in performing adequately, both mentally, & physically, within your waking state, especially as your thought keeps you awake all night long so sleep, eventually, is vital for health & well being.

Here are some brief steps towards a good nights sleep:

1: If anything is on your mind, once you are in bed & settled, lay there, and analyse the problematic situation within a calm & relaxed manner, forgetting about & relaxing your whole body, but keep your thought situation for a short while only, telling yourself with trust that the problem will sort it's self out in near time, then totally discontinue with this thought altogether.

Place each thought or problem inside a floating bubble.

Let each thought drift free one after the other, completely preparing yourself for sleep to overcome.

2: When something unexpectedly springs into your mind keeping you awake, jot it down or record the information, then forget about it.

Activity on the brain / inducing sleep!

As you know we have many states of brain activity!

And for inducing sleep a brain must become 'less active' within the vibrations creating.

Thinking, alone, creates vibrations...mental activity....which will keep you awake.

And so does calmness of the mind, create mental activity....but only subtly, the vibrations flourishing you towards sleep.

One could do reasonably well to reduce 'thought, mental activity' (erratic, within the terms of sleep induction) by redirecting ones focus.

Active thoughts = No sleep.

It is easy to understand that our mind works overtime without even realising a mental thought process is keeping us awake, when really we want to switch off & go to sleep.

Switch off & go to sleep!

Even though, random thoughts of anything can easily creep into the imagination as one tries to relax, mentally switching off instead, preventing sleep.

It is only possible to experience one particular thought at any one given time.

Don't mull over any thought for too long!

Now begins your journey into sleep 'grasshopper.'

This mental, training, focus, relaxation exercise should be practised over a period of time thus sleep will be successful.

By following these simple techniques & practising the methods very shortly, you should have no problems sleeping but if you do find yourself getting stuck, visit Amazon kindle & preview 'The Here & Now Fall Asleep Technique using the Power of your Mind' as I delve much further into the matter of getting a good nights sleep for years to come.

But remember, to master something really does take practice & lucky for you & for me, this is all about mental practice, nothing physical to bother with just relax your mind and read on.

A true monk still trains his mind to become empty, he eradicates thought processes adequately & when it's time for bed, so too must you become a true monk and empty your mind of thought processes.

Sometimes I hear folk bothered that they have no problem sleeping in the first place, but should they wake during sleep, many experience difficulties dropping back off.

So to recap quickly, the first two steps towards sleep are:

1: Lay in bed, categorise each thought in tern, place into a floating bubble, analyse for only a few minutes, tell yourself it'll sort itself out, (really, it really will) then free the bubble thought or problem altogether.

2: Should an unexpected thought or an inspirational idea suddenly spring into your mind, don't mull it over instead, release your concern onto paper or voice recorder, freeing your mind.

Onwards we continue...

3: Close your eyes relax your body get your short time thinking out of the way, done & dusted.

Focus onto your breathing...

Slow & steady...In Calm...Out Relaxation.



Concentrating Focusing Relaxing...allowing sleep to, overcome you, transporting your spirit you float away on a warm gentle breeze.

4: See in your mind only blackness.

Nothing else, only blackness!

Focus on it!

Relax into it!

Thoughts creep into your imagination from time to time, disregard each one, divert back into the emptiness of blackness within your imagination.

Keep practising ‘focus of attention into the empty void of blackness.’

5: Become aware of nothingness within your imagination, relax body sensations floating away deeper drifting further down with each calming breath you inhale and each relaxing breath you exhale.

Ok, wakey wakey I hope you’re sleeping right now but thanks for reading some sleep inducing aspects of my technique, take it all in again if you must & memorize the techniques, practising them when you go to bed remember, focus of attention.

I hope this information helps solve any problems aiding a good night's sleep whenever you desire. I also cover deeply certain aspects within non sleep situations inside 'The Here & Now Fall Asleep Technique using the Power of your Mind' and if you are still experiencing problems why not take a look, read more inside the book preview, the link is just below.

But it's all down to you, if insomnia is your problem my guess is, short term, so don’t give up hope just yet focus on these techniques instead.

If you would like to share your thoughts in the comment box below please feel free to do so, you don't have to sign in or create an account to leave a comment. Let me know what you think.

Regards Dale Ovenstone 2012


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    • Inspired to write profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale J Ovenstone 

      6 years ago from Wales UK

      Your most welcome

    • michememe profile image

      Miche Wro 

      6 years ago

      Thats just it, I don't have anything going on. Last week yes, but I have freed that. I have been at peace in the past two days. I feel really good. Not tired at all. Thanks for the suggestion.

    • Inspired to write profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale J Ovenstone 

      6 years ago from Wales UK

      Sounds like you have some issue deep on your mind, try to get what ever it is out into the open & analyse the problems in your day time hours, then work on a solution to tackle the situation (this is what I to do to free my mind) but, you may also be a sleeper that doesn't need many zzzzz's lol

      Thank you for commenting

      Regards Dale

    • michememe profile image

      Miche Wro 

      6 years ago

      Thanks for these tips. I will surely adopt them. I have been up since 2am USA time. I am going on only four hours of sleep. Oddly I am not tired. So I figured I would just visit the hub and read other people work and write some.

    • Inspired to write profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale J Ovenstone 

      7 years ago from Wales UK

      Hi Rain Defence thank you for your comment, I myself, have neglected the same technique for some time, therefore, I found it took me a while to get back into the lost mind technique for relaxation purposes, but the benefits are then of course, as you know, power of focusing, & concentration etc; which can only help in the long run.

      Regards Dale

    • Rain Defence profile image

      Rain Defence 

      7 years ago from UK

      Do you know what, I have used both relaxing every muscle and the focussing on blackness techniques in the past, forgotten both of them and not used either of them for years. I'm going to try them again right now.


    • Inspired to write profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale J Ovenstone 

      8 years ago from Wales UK

      Your most welcome sofs. Thank you for your comments.

      Regards Dale

    • sofs profile image


      8 years ago

      This hub is practical and useful, I realise many people do have problems getting a good nights sleep though I have nothing of that sort. I like your suggestion to keep pen, paper or voice recorder next to you... most of the best thoughts come at night and I am unable to remember them clearly in the mornings. I think it is time I adopted this practice though I have considered it a couple of times in the past, thanks for reminding. God Bless!


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