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Sweet Sleep

Updated on May 2, 2013

“When you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet” Proverbs 3:24 NIV

Not long ago if you had asked me if I ever thought I would be able to get a good night’s sleep every (or any) night, I would have said NO! After suffering for many years as a chronic insomniac, I realized that my lack of sleep was not just making me miserable, it was also making me ill! I embarked on a mission – Mission ‘Sweet Sleep’. Having now successfully completed that mission, I am happy to share my discoveries with you!

@ Keep a regular sleep schedule

As much as you are able go to bed and get up at the same time every day. Your body has a natural sleep cycle that if maintained will improve the quality of your sleep at night.

@ What you eat and drink affects how well you sleep

Caffeine and alcohol may rob you of sleep. The stimulating effects of caffeine may make it difficult for you to fall asleep and even though alcohol might make you feel sleepy at first, it can disrupt sleep later in the night as its diuretic properties cause you to have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

@ Develop a bedtime ritual

Develop a bedtime routine that prepares your body and mind to wind down. This might include taking a warm shower, reading a book, or listening to soothing music — preferably with the lights dimmed. Turn off the TV before falling asleep as it is likely to prevent you from sleeping soundly.

@ Increase the comfort level in your bedroom

At bedtime, your bedroom should be cool, dark and quiet. Consider using earplugs and a sleep mask (as I do) to prevent noise and light disturbances during the night and in the morning when you want to sleep in. Get a mattress and pillow that feels comfortable to you! If you wake up with sore arms or back aches or a cricked neck every morning, you probably need a new mattress and pillow.

@ Limit your daytime naps

Take power naps (15 minutes maximum) if you feel exhausted during the day but try not to stay asleep for longer than that. Otherwise your sleep cycle will be disrupted and you will have to re-establish it once again

@ Get regular exercise

Exercise is good for your body and your mind and will help you to sleep more soundly. Avoid exercising near bedtime however because of its stimulating effects

@ Manage your stress

Are you stressed? Is your mind racing at a hundred miles an hour? Unless you find ways to manage this stress, it will rob you of sleep. Your bedtime routine should include activities that take your mind off of your stressors. If you are falling asleep thinking about something you need to do or remember for tomorrow, write it down and put it out of your mind.

Sleep Tips From Dr. Oz

If sleepless nights are your norm and you have tried these tips for some time with no success, you may need the help of a counseling/coaching or medical professional. Avoid using pharmaceutical sleep aids unless unavoidable though, to minimize the accompanying side-effects that can create a whole new set of problems for you.

I believe that sweet sleep can one day be yours to enjoy. Make those changes today!

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The text on this page, unless otherwise indicated, is owned by happiness coach (karen mcgibbon) who hereby asserts her copyright on the material. Permission must be granted by the author in writing prior to copy or republish this article in print or online. Thank you.

© karen mcgibbon


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    • Sweet Epistles profile image


      5 years ago from From the Heart of God

      Very useful. I love it. Voted up!

    • happiness coach profile imageAUTHOR

      Karen McGibbon 

      5 years ago from Jamaica

      Thank you for your feedback. I am so glad I discovered these tips when I did!

    • Purpose Embraced profile image

      Yvette Stupart PhD 

      5 years ago from Jamaica

      Happiness coach, an informative hub with great ideas for people who have problem sleeping. I agree with you that what we eat can affect how sleep patterns.


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