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“Sleeping” With Gary!

Updated on April 2, 2019
Anafa Siegel profile image

I love to sleep but have become fearful sleeping with spouse who is dramatic during dream states. I’ve learned to sleep with one eye open

Sleeping Scared

Who doesn’t enjoy a good night’s sleep? This is a rhetorical question and I have experienced insomnia in the past and am aware of the luxury of good uninterrupted rest.

I want to say that I am married to a loving kind and considerate man and in his waking state doesn’t curse nor is aggressive. I’ve found through sleeping with this man for the past ten years, his dreams take on nightmarish and comedic proportions at times and his antics cause me to wake up and yell at him to wake up. I often shake him from the stranglehold his subconscious is burdening us with.

There have been so many examples but I’ve listed a few hoping that someone somewhere can offer me hope for restful, uninterrupted safe sleep.

So I’m awakened from deep sleep with Gary’s talking aloud angrily to someone in his dream and flailing his arms and lower extremities. These episodes can happen at anytime during the night!

I yell:

Me: what are you doing?”

Me: “Gary, Gary, GARY!...

Gary: “ Get the fuck away from me; go fuck yourself; this from a man who in waking hours never curses. And some of the reasons he stated are that he’s playing volley ball; the roof was caving in; or he’s shooting a basketball and I better get out of his way.

One night he walks into my walk in closet thinking it’s the toilet and I wake him just in time, if you know what I mean, and guide him to our toilet adjacent to his side of the bed! One time he left the room to seek a toilet at the other end of our home In the dark of night!

He becomes super strong and has hit me, and. pushed me while fast asleep and has arm wrestled me and pinched me. I grab his arm and yell to wake him up and he finally does.

“Go fuck yourself ” he says to a bully who dumped his meal at a sports event onto a dirty floor; and “fuck you” to Hillary Clinton, who was about to throw a bomb while in a building he was in.

I’ve slept head to toes separated by a body pillow even slept in another room at times. Head to toe was just too frightening as I braced for a head injury.

Many times the events of Gary’s dreams are quite funny and being wakened to his sleeping monologue can be fun. One recent event made me laugh out loud, I awoke to him standing upright and diving for a volleyball landing horizontally upon me, and I was like ”what are you doing this time”?.

I love this man and love lying next to him spooning together in bed, it’s just that I either need to keep him awake longer to tire him out or sleep with body armor and a helmet of some sort. For now I’ll just keep taking notes of his behaviors so I’ll have more to write on in the future! Wish me a good nights sleep.


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