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Slowing down cancer growth: a measure of success: with food

Updated on August 5, 2015

Some progress, dealing with cancer, is being made. Thanks be to God.

I find Joy in reporting to the reading public that some progress is being made learning how to eat foods in ways that help prevent, and in some measure, to reverse, the effects of cancer.

The above sentence is a profound statement, and a very serious claim, a claim that no man or woman would be willing to make unless they had very sound evidence to support the claim. One would have to be a fool to make such a claim based on substandard research or other vain reasons.

When one is conducting case studies in an attempt to uncover a cure for a serious cancer (an it is my belief that all cancers are very serious), the support of a certified medical laboratory, a collaboration with healthcare providers (in this particular situation, board certified medical doctors who are knowledgeable in the cancer behavior have been consulted), and of course, their is this need for a study director (a researcher) who knows something about how to observe Nature, disease and the effects of foods on human immune system.

This is not game that we are playing, studying the effects of foods, particularly healing plants, on cancer cells in the body.

Within the last 18 months I have witnessed in my research, here at Mamushi Nature Farm, how eating certain plants that I have grown here on the farm, can have a profoundly positive effect on decreasing the progression of cancer in human body systems.

Notice how I am taking precautions not to overstate myself in my writings. Notice that I did not make the claim that I had "found a cure for cancer." Notice how nervous that I am writing up my limited research results based on so few months of research. Notice that I have not approached the big drug companies in an attempt to make a lot of money on my discoveries. Notice how I am still dealing with the "how" I am going to, at some point in time, share what I have discovered in my research with others who need to be taking advantage of my work, my research, my good fortune in my Life, to have been "Blessed" by observing and seeing "healings" occurring before my own eyes.

I have worked with a lot of great researchers in my life, very gifted men and women, in some of the finest institutions in this great country of The United States of America. I could not have become the researcher that I am without their "loving guidance," instruction and blessings. One doctor that I worked with in Bethesda, Maryland, in his Bone Marrow Transplantation Lab, allowed me the freedom that I needed to study bone marrow cells on my own, likened unto a child playing on a playground. I did not feel like I was working with bone marrow cells, I felt like I was playing games as I learned how, one of God's greatest ever creations, "The Human Body," worked.

The same is true for me now, as I work in this wonder lab that I call "The Enchanted Valley of Mamushi.

As I build my confidence up, the confidence that I need to invite people to my farm to eat the "Cancer Fighting" meals that I preparing, daily, I will give people permission to come unto me to eat. People will be able to come to my place for meals, one meal a day. The can come one day a week, two days a week, three days a week, whatever. Just one small meal a day will do, in the afternoon or evening is better. Give me to get myself together. Providing a service to people is not an easy life, even for someone like myself, who like people. As I have grown older I need people to be patient with me. I must take care of myself too, you know, as I go.

Okay there you have it. Notice that I have given you a picture of my farm in the dark. Life as a researcher is like looking at the world in the dark. You cannot see all the things that you are looking for, hunting for, the answers. They are there, however. You cannot always see them, yet they are still there. Cancer curing foods are there, in the dark. Even in the light, they are there, yet you may not see them. Which one's are they? How do we use them even if we find them? These are the things that my life and work embrace.


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