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Small Menstrual Cups

Updated on October 9, 2017

Menstruating women are constantly finding easier and simpler ways to manage menstruation. From heavy sanitary pads, to light weight super absorbents ones, there have been constant up-gradations in these hygiene products to absorb the endometrial blood during the period.

Comfort and Hygiene Factor

A decade or so ago there was the tampon revolution. Tampons were preferred because one did not have to frequently change the pads and it was more hygienic. But today the menstrual cup has found favor among women for their ease to use and is considered more hygienic than the other methods.

The menstrual cup comes in different size to fit the build of the women. They are made of high quality silicone material. These cups are prevent skin allergies and are soothing and are hardly irritable.

Buy Small Menstrual Cups

Advantages of Using the Menstrual Cup

Its advantage over tampons stems from the fact that tampons tend to dry out the vaginal flora and this dryness may cause itchiness and lead to infections. The menstrual cup are chemical free too!

A lot of research has been conducted to create this comfort product and this is why the cozycup affords maximum comfort. Whether you are into sports or yoga or even lead a less active outdoor or indoor life, these cups afford a sense of security and well-being. One hardly feels the cup when inserted properly!


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