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Small Things That Bring a Lot of Happiness but don't cost a lot

Updated on January 1, 2020

Happiness is Everywhere

We live in an era where we make happiness exclusive to certain events, objects and achievements in life, why can't happiness be constant without any reason to exist? We've associated spending money and owning items that are status symbols to happiness and that once we have a certain amount of money or items that have a large a price tag then only we'll be happy.

Can happiness just not exist in every moment, is it only an emotion we allow ourselves to feel when our desires and demands are met?

Why do we torture and deprive ourselves of an emotion that every human craves even though it exists everywhere in every moment of the day?

Happiness is just standing and taking a moment to relax, to breathe and feel the air on your face, happiness is smiling for no reason, happiness is waking up after a good night sleep, happiness is being grateful for everything you have in life.

Happiness surrounds all the time but we are ignorant to it, we want it to come by invitation even though it exists all around us; in the air, the sky, the people we see walking by, the coffee we're drinking, the smile we give to strangers on the footpath.

So, in this post I'm going to give you a list of small everyday things that we've disassociated happiness with.

5 Minutes To Just Observe the World Around Us.

There is something calming and relieving about just being observant to the world around us for 5 minutes, to just see people going about their daily lives, to pay attention to the detail of things we see every day, to just stand still without doing anything.

You do not need to be going to a different country each year to enjoy the beauty and culture of the world. There are so many places in our local places that we have never explored fully and enjoyed, get to know your community and the culture of the people around you.

The next time you're waiting in a queue, at a bus stop, in a train or just somewhere when you would normally pull your phone out to pass time- don't. Just leave it in your pocket and look around you, observe the world around you and be amazed by the things that are happening.

Our world is beautiful so take the time to bask in its beauty, be amazed by it, be grateful for it and be happy that you live in such a beautiful world.

Put On Some Perfume

Smell is one of our senses so please that sense by putting on some perfume/body spray that you like the smell of and instead of spritzing it on and running out the door, take a moment to spray yourself and smell it, allow yourself to smell that beautiful smell.

Great smelling perfumes are not the only ones that cost a $100 but body sprays that smell the way you like the scent of is something that can bring the same amount of joy. Buying a few dollars worth of body sprays give you the same happiness as something that cost a couple hundred because the experience of spraying yourself and then constantly smelling it on yourself throughout the day is incredibly satisfying and makes you happy.

Another way to please your sense of smell is to smell your freshly washed hair and take in the smell of the shampoo, smell the body wash on your body, smell the freshly washed clothes.

Small things that we do in our daily lives anyway- pay attention to them, just take the time to please your senses and you'll feel a sense of content.

Please Your Senses

We've covered our sense of smell in the above, we have 5 senses and when we please and satisfy each sense it brings us a rush- a rush of happiness and pleasure. So, take time to take care of the needs of your senses:

Touch: Touch things that you like the feel of, it could be a pet, your skin, soft cushions, touch things and take that moment to just feel.

See: Ask yourself watching what makes you happy, watch your favourite movie, watch a drama series that you love seeing, watch things that bring a smile on your face.

Taste: What's your favourite food? Cook it or order it, but take that moment to really enjoy and taste that food, take time savouring every bit. The next time you eat your favourite thing just take the time to taste it and not just eat it.

Hear: What are some of your favourite sounds? Listen to your favourite song, listen to somebody you love talking, listen to the sound of people talking around you. Just listen.

The best way to please your senses is to engage them in activities we would do anyway but to pay attention to those activities and bask in the pleasure they provide us.

Have A Long Conversation with Someone That's Intimate and Giving Small Gifts to those that we love

Humans are social beings and we are the most happiest when we are around people and the joy we get from a really intimate and fulfilling interaction is unexplainable- you just feel it in your heart.

So many of us dream of being in circle and in contact with people who we admire and aspire to be like- that's amazing but often we are so focused on striving to be in that group of people that we tend to ignore those who are in life that we love and that love us back. Make time for those people- and giving small treats and gifts to those that mean a lot to us can make us happy because seeing them happy and doing something for them is a super satisfying.

Having a deep, long conversation with someone where you're so engaged that you just don't want it to end brings us more joy and contentment than a tangible item could or an event that we put expectations of receiving boundless happiness from the occurrence of.


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