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Smartphone Revolution - Best Fitness Apps

Updated on July 3, 2011

Smartphone Revolution

If you haven't already joined the smartphone revolution, you're missing out on a world of opportunity. A tremendous amount of power and opportunity has become available on a device that is no bigger than the wallet you carry in your pocket.

The smartphone industry has really exploded in the last decade. Mobile technology is quickly being immersed into our daily lives, both socially and personally - this is thanks to mobile giants such as RIM, Google and, of course, Apple.

My New Smartphone!

The Explosion of Mobile Apps

Whether you are a smartphone user or not, you're probably aware of the explosion of mobile applications. Thousands of brilliant and extremely creative developers are creating mobile applications that are making our lives a little bit easier.

I'm talking about the music apps, photography apps, fitness apps, movie apps and the endless other apps that are out there.

Think about this for a second. With the aid of your smartphone, you don't have to physically make your way to the closest bank to deposit a check - you can do it from anywhere you choose. It's possible to figure out exactly what song is playing at that moment without the need for a computer. I could go on forever.

Since I am a huge health & fitness nut, I've been drawn to the enormous collection of fitness apps out there. I want to give you a quick run-down of one of the best fitness apps I have been using that I think can really help you analyze and track your running progress.

RunKeeper Pro - Best Fitness App

RunKeeper Pro
RunKeeper Pro

The Run Keeper Pro is an amazing application that allows you to keep tabs on your run. The app let's you track your running duration and the distance you've covered; it also shows you your pace and the total calories you've burned. Once your run is done, you can easily sync all of your data to the Run Keeper site - this is a place where you can analyze the history of all of your runs to see running progress.

This is definitely one of the best fitness apps I have come across and the best part is that it's absolutely free. Thousands of apps like this are on the market right now just waiting to be discovered and shared!

If you are looking for some fresh fitness apps to download, check out the 5 best fitness apps you can download today for free!

Make sure you don't miss out on the smartphone and mobile app revolution. We are just at the beginning of this shift in technology - who knows how far things can go!

Visit today!
Visit today!


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