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Smoke Alarms, Smoke Detectors, Fire Alarm, Gas Detectors For Sale

Updated on July 1, 2017

Someone reading this will be dead within two years, because they could not be bothered to fit a cheap smoke alarm.

Hundreds of people across the globe die each year from smoke inhalation, and yet only 1 in every 12 households have a smoke detector fitted.

The smoke alarms are easily fitted, cost next to nothing, and will easily save your life, I know, they have already saved my house from being burnt down once.

Different types of home smoke / gas detectors

There are the usual smoke detectors or smoke alarms which are available either on this page or from most general hardware stores. They are easily installed with two screws and one 9 volt battery. Fitting instructions and operating manuals are also enclosed with each one.

An average house should have at least three smoke alarms installed. One in the living room, one in the bottom hallway and one in the top hallway.

It is recommended that a smoke alarm should not be installed in the kitchen area, unless by a window which can open.

These smoke alarms are the simplest and most basic alarms that you can buy.

But, there are also different types of smoke alarms for different types of smoke. These more specialist smoke alarms, will give an earlier warning, but only for the type of smoke that they are designed to detect.

There are gas detector alarms, having one of these fitted in your home is a very good idea. Gas, like smoke, is a silent killer, you go to sleep at night and never wake up.

If you have children you protect them constantly, against all the bad things in this world, yet most parents will not buy a smoke detector, which will save their lives and are very cheap.

Please click on the smaller images to view full selection of smoke alarms available.

Gas detectors can be fitted in the kitchen as well as carbon monoxide detectors.

Carbon monoxide detectors are rarely used, but yet every year, faulty boiler systems, from years of use and general wear and tear, give off carbon monoxide.

This, another silent killer, is invisible, and it can leak for days before you realize something is wrong, it is not easy to smell initially, and by the time you smell it, either you have been poisoning your lungs for days or weeks already

Some people endure years of breathing difficulties after being poisoned by carbon monoxide.

If you would like to have alarms fitted, but are unsure of which ones to fit, go to an online specialist or even to your local fire department, they will guide you in the right direction.

Don't think it is silly to ask a fireman what type of cheap smoke or gas alarms to fit, don't forget, every day they see the devastation caused to people who did not fit a smoke alarm.

In Spain and other European countries, it is now the law that whenever you rent out a property, you must have smoke alarms fitted. Smoke alarms are similar your house burglar alarms. they are essential.

You protect your goods with a burglar alarm system, so why not protect your life with a smoke detector?


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    • profile image

      sanjaysuri 7 years ago

      Fire alarm is one of the important gadget that should be used in household. Most of the fire accident occurs due to no smoke alarm or a faulty or disconnected smoke detector.