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Smoking Addiction

Updated on October 13, 2013

Stop Smoking

There are many Health risks involved with smoking (like lung cancer and emphysema). There are also over 4,000 chemical compounds existing in inhaled smoke, many of which are known carcinogens, and yet you can't stop or you don't want to quit.

You want to save money and Your life? Read on.

The money side is obvious, just add up the receipts per month and multiply by 12, a pretty good sized number. Then consider the new taxes being applied in the future to pay for more budget shortfalls.

Now for the bigger of the two issues, your health.

There are chemicals produced in your brain that helps regulate your moods, if your brain doesn't produce enough of these chemicals then you get irritable and moody. Nicotine helps to stimulate the production of these chemicals. These chemicals include nor epinephrine, which regulates alertness and arousal, dopamine, which is part of your brains pleasure mechanism, and beta endorphin, which helps to lessen anxiety and pain.

These reactions to smoking are short lived and soon you will crave those feelings again. Sooner or later your your mind and body will respond by demanding you to smoke, which will temporarily satisfy the need.

Then you have to deal with the emotional addiction that smoking creates. A stressful situation triggers a smoking response, or you begin to feel a cigarette will relax you. Whatever the case, emotional or chemical the cigarette is at the center of the addiction.

The warnings are clearly stated on the side of a cigarette pack and the desire still overrides the warnings.

Nicotine is know to be the ingredient that stays in your system causing the cravings you have. Lung Cancer is the main disease associated with smoking.

What Can You Do?

Knowing this, see where you stand, take a blood test.

There are several detection tests that can be taken which your doctor can do. At the very least you will know how your body is holding up, from there it's up to you.


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    • profile image

      smoking effects  8 years ago

      As now so many people wasting their major part of income for buying drugs and cigarettes,this type of good works are necessary.