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Smoking - Is Addictive

Updated on January 8, 2012

How People Start Smoking

I am writing this article simply on the basis of my own experience and I don't say this is 100% true, it's just how I feel. Nowadays, especially among the Asian and Middle eastern countries, smoking is considered a unique style and a lot of girls love the boys who smoke. So most of the youngsters start smoking just for looking good and may be, in some cases to impress girls. Some of them get this habit from their friends and this is also a big factor when you smoke your first cigarette with your friends and say to yourself that this is just for today and i won't smoke again. Whenever a smoker smokes his first cigarette, he believes and convinces himself that this would be the last cigarette. he believes that he would be able to quit it whenever he wants. But in reality, its not like that. After you have your first cigarette, straight after that you are looking forward to the next one, you say to yourself that okay the next one would be the last one. And in this way it goes on and on and on, one after the other and you get addicted. This is exactly how I became a chain smoker.

Once you become addicted, I won't say that it is impossible to quit but is really difficult to quit. People believe that smoking brings their blood pressure down, it helps them when they are tensed. But actually nothing like that exists. When you smoke, it is actually the nicotine in the cigarettes that flows through your blood and you get addicted to this nicotine. If you plan to quit smoking, after a short time period, you start getting frustrated when your blood and body requires nicotine and in this way smoking becomes a source of tension. And to get rid of that tension you again start smoking.

How Smoking Effects

Smoking has got many disadvantages and not only a single advantage. It is a simple waste of money. For example a person who smokes one pack per day ( Costing about $ 18 AUD ), spends about $ 6480 AUD annually and if he smokes for ten, twenty years, that amounts to a lot of money that we spend to gain simply nothing. Smoking has a lot of health issues like lungs and mouth cancer, brain strokes and disorders, vision problems and a lot other. However, I won't go into the details of them. Parental smoking also causes childhood cancer. Besides this, smoking effects your sense of smell, and taste. Both the taste and smell buds die out and a smoker can no longer taste and smell the wonderful things around him normally. The standard of your living ends up on a low. You smell bad which effects your social life. When you are unable to smoke for some time due to some reason you become frustrated and can do many things you won't do normally. In short, when it comes to listing the problems caused by smoking, the list is a long unending one, and to add further there is no positive side of the list. So smoking to me is suicide, death in anticipation.

Things You must Look at Atleast once

Some tips

Here are some tips for those who want to stay away from smoking want to quit smoking. Well, keeping it as simple as it can be, I would say that all you need is will power and you don't need to do any courses see any doctor. After all, whatever you do, it ultimately comes down to you and your will power. Believe me all you need is will power and just decide today right now that you are not going to smoke again and then simply stick to this idea. Don't even smoke a single cigarette after that. One hour after you quit smoking, your blood pressure becomes normal, after a week your sense of smell and taste returns. After two weeks, your blood nicotine level becomes 0 % and you do not need nicotine any-more. After six months your lungs start recovering and you are back to a normal happy life. I must mention here that after you quit, then every single cigarette after that would again contribute towards your addiction. So once you say no, let it be a no forever. This is how I managed it and I am sure you too would be able to do so. Best of luck then!! Widgets


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    • profile image

      Aqib Rana 5 years ago

      Is it true that u hav quit smoking?

      Can't beleiv it........!

    • profile image

      Obaid Fayyaz 5 years ago

      Ahan if u really want to quit, your strong decision will help boost your will power and believe me its not difficult. I did it and I am sure everyone else can. Good Luck :)

    • MissFrost profile image

      MissFrost 5 years ago from 50% Island Girl, 25% East Coast Girl, 25% Country Girl

      I have tried to quit twice now...I'm so discouraged that I'm afraid to try again...thanks for the tips...