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Smoking is BAD

Updated on February 9, 2013

"Smokers don't grow old, they die Young"

Smoking kills by Jram23 on Flickr
Smoking kills by Jram23 on Flickr

Smoking cigarettes is not just tobacco anymore

You would be hard pressed to justify

smoking’s sexiness or health benefits.

Any product that comes with a huge

label warning about the potential

health risks really should be avoided.

The legalese is polite verbage for

saying if you continue down this

path of using this product you will

die an uncomfortable death.

Smoking is very addictive. If smart

and strong people like President

Obama struggle with smoking you

know anyone could have this

challenge. However, it is a fight worth

fighting. Do not give up.

Before the Depression, tobacco was

smoked in an unadulterated form.

Leaves of the plant would be rolled

up and smoked. When it was done

this way, there were no chemicals

or additives to keep it burning or to

increase the addictiveness. The

current form of tobacco is sprayed

with toxins which include something

like gun powder then wrapped in a

bleached paper that is attached to a

filter that might have bits of fiberglass.

This means you are smoking bleach

and gun powder among other arsenic

things. The current form of chopped

up tobacco is not causing the

addiction, it is all the additives.

If you want to smoke tobacco, then

get pure tobacco, but don’t smoke

mass produced cigarettes.

Doctors and Insurance Companies want people to quit smoking

Butts by Saudi on Flickr
Butts by Saudi on Flickr

The health effects are well known

which is why doctors spend

countless hours trying to

convince patients to quit

smoking. Health insurance

companies want to know about

your health history and current

habits, like smoking. They don’t

care if you mountain bike everyday

and might break a collarbone in

the future, because this is far

cheaper to treat than lung

cancer or heart disease that

might result from

cigarette smoking.

On the site for the

Centers for Disease Control and

Prevention it explains the

various health problems you

might experience. The first

disease being Cancer of every

part of the body you can

imagine: lips, mouth, pharynx,

esophagus, pancreas, larynx,

lung, uterine, bladder, and kidney. If

you haven’t heard, Cancer is often

terminal and not a pleasant way

to be sick or die. If you end up with

lung cancer, you can’t breath. Not

being able to breath is inconvenient

at best.

Some of the other possible health

problems include heart disease,

stroke, breathing problems and

pregnancy problems to name a

few. Smoking makes your veins

constrict which inhibits the

amount of blood that flows. For

prolonged periods of time, this will

cause health problems.

Cigarette Butts from Smoking

Smoking is Bad

By Julian Schwarze on Flickr
By Julian Schwarze on Flickr

Why smoke after having Cancer?

Once you have been treated for

Cancer, do not return to your

old smoking habits. It is not

unusual for people to think that

because they survived Cancer

they can do what they want. Or

that if they had breast cancer or

some other type not listed in the

previous paragraph, that there is

no relation. Although a doctor will

say they do not know if the two are

related, because the cancer didn’t tell

him, does not mean they want you

to test fate by smoking. If you

show you have a propensity

towards Cancer, by having had it,

don't smoke. It is as if the Cancer

treatment was such a walk in the

park that they don’t mind taking that

trip again. Granted lung Cancer

might differ from a melanoma but

this doesn’t mean they are not

both Cancer.

There is a man I know who recently

underwent an eight hour surgery

to remove cancer tissue from his

face which they believe is from his

years of cigarette smoking. While he

is healing from this huge procedure

and awaiting further treatment, he is

back to lighting up his cigs. Can you

imagine loosing part of your face

and wanting to light up? This

addiction is powerful. When facing

the possibility of death, the

very thing that put him where

he is, is what he wants.

Smoking and exercise

What also amazes me is that

people smoke then exercise.

That is a bit counter intuitive. 

This makes it more difficult to

breath, when you are making it

more difficult to breath.

Exercise is often associated

with taking care of yourself

and smoking is really not. This

might be a good time to say

smoking is BAD.

Smokers give the gift of second hand smoke and garbage

Second hand smoke and thrown

out butts are the rudest things

about smoking. Why do smokers

think it is ok to throw a cigarette on

the sidewalk, maybe step on it to

put it out, then keep on walking?

Who do they think will pick up

this trash? Why do they not expect

themselves to deal with it? Is it

the same flawed thinking that

makes them believe second

hand smoke is no big deal

because it will be diluted by all

the clean air?  Second hand 

smoke kills too.

Smoking gives you wrinkles,

bad breath, smelly clothes and

sometimes the ultimate gift, death.

Don’t do it because smoking is BAD.

Please share your thoughts on smoking

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    • tobey100 profile image

      tobey100 8 years ago from Whites Creek, Tennessee

      Finally worked up the guts to read 'smoking is bad'. I've quit 100 times seems like. Hopefully this time for good. 4 months and counting. Thanks

    • creativeone59 profile image

      benny Faye Douglass 8 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

      Thank you for this hub on smoking, I been there and done that,This November 31, will be 20 years ago free of smoking. Godspeed. creativeone59