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Smoking or Non-Smoking - How About Both?

Updated on December 27, 2009

The above illustration shows the gutless, two-faced side of the government that is making it hard for people who smoke to enjoy their habit in public.  They want you to quite.  They neglect to inform everyone that 5.5 trillion cigarettes are smoked each year, over 62% from RJ Reynolds and Philip Morris, American based companies. The government doesn't want it's longest running source of guaranteed revenue to go away.  And who else would you think produces more quite smoking gums and patches than anyone else?

Of course this habit is bad not just for the smoker, but for everyone so it makes sense to not allow smoking in indoor areas.  State wide "Non-Smoking Bans" have been sweeping the nation and most people seem to enjoy their favorite venues more without the smokey atmosphere.  But there are still many people who smoke regularly and are ridiculed for it.  So what can they do?  How about smoking an ecigarette?


Ecigarettes are an electronic device that emmits a wator vapor when exhaled by the user and has no second hand effects.  Oderless and tastless to all that surround a person, this seems like a great solution for bar and restaurant owners alike to promote for their customers.  Remember the cigarette vending machines?  This could be in the next generation of vending machines!

Now, of course I write about energy saving products so I am looking at this from an indoor air pollution perspective.  It just simply ties nicely into the political debate of this new product.  Lets take a look at the benefits of this product from a health perspective:

1) No one is breathing smoke. Not the user or the attendee of teh establishment.  There is still nicotinein the cigarette, but the design of this was not made for quitters.  The original intent was for people who are NEVER going to quit.  In this case, this is the healthiest alternative to smoking.  I have seen some FDA reports on 3 harmful chemicals to the user of the ecigarette.  I think the FDA has become completely corrupt as 3 chimecals is probably a bit healthier than 4000+.

2) It costs less.  If anyone needs to save money right now, it is smokers.  The average pack of cigarettes in the mid west is between $6 and $7 per pack.  If you are a pack-a-day smoker, that is $42 per week or $168/month or $2100 per per!  The ecigarette has 3 month supplies available for $150.  Tlak about stimulating the economy!

3) It is enjoyable.  The ecigarette allows those who love to smoke, the ability to smoke to their hearts content while avoiding the nastey parts of smoking.

There is a lot of information on this product out there.  Most of it is unopinionated and simply lists the FDA findings.  If you trust the FDA, you do not understand the food and drug market in the USA.  These are the same people that allow products like aspartame to be used in diet soda and MSG to be bottled and used as a "preservative." 

Everyone should use their own judgment on this and form their own opinion.  But if you are a smoker who doesn't see themselves quiting anytime soon, you owe it to your family to continue to smoke... in a healthy way.  They are not going to care if you smoke ecigarettes and last until you are well into your 80's.  But they will care if you are smoking regular cigarettes and are dieing in your 60's. 

I am proud to live in America where we have choices.  Some of these fundamental choices are being outlawed by new solutions are being made available.  This is one of those solutions.  So do some research on your own, get the free trial and give it a shot.  If not for you, for those who don't just want you to be around, but want you to be there without an oxygen tank and a respirator.


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