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So... You Have A List, But Are You Really Living Your List?

Updated on November 30, 2008


Thank the almighty mighty for gratitude. So many, especially, this time of year make a lot my lists, even others are checking them twice. So are you putting that list you have worked so hard to create really into action? Or, are they still just words on a piece of paper? Do you actually believe that only writing down things could be good enough? Do you believe that the feeling of self-satisfaction is enough for you? So tell me are there going to be toys in your Christmas stocking? Or a lump of coal. Remember this basic idea of Christmas...YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO GET WHAT YOU DESERVE...Good deeds, kindness, love of our fellow humans and being thankful.

I'm not talking about you telling everyone how thankful or grateful you are, but good old fashioned, "your actions speak louder than words." When you touch other people's lives through the passing day. Do you think you leave them with the feeling that makes them feel good, or do you just such all the oxygen out of the air? Really what do your actions say about you?

Are you just making "the list" or are you living "the list?" In this day of self-absorbtion, unfocused, self-promotion; Are you living daily all the things that you are grateful for? I know at times my words aren't put into action all the time, it happens. Just like if you pray the same prayer everyday, after a while in just becomes chanting, the words loose their meaning. Have your words on your gratitude list lost their meaning? Is it time to put action back into those words, or create more new items to be grateful for? Or, should you just repeat the same old thing and flop down on the couch and forget about it until tomorrow?

Come on you don't eat the exact same food, cooked the exact same way, at the exact same time everyday. Why should your serenity, peace of mind, spiritual condition, and your soul be fed the same old thing everyday, at the same time? Are you internaly malnurishing your inner self? Is your heart and soul crying for enrichment of its daily sustanace? It's never enough and it's never good enough for you or your spirit just to consume without exercising what you have learned, or have been grateful for. You must spread the seeds of your gratitude to others. Just like we are so willing to broadcast our accomplishments, we must live up to that list and add to it on a daily basis. Or, face the inevitable....

"Handle Me With Care"

The Lyrics to "Handle Me With Care" by the Traveling Wilburys

Been beat up and battered around

Been sent up and I've been shut down

You're the best thing that I've ever found

Handle me with care

Reputations changeable

Situations tolerable

But baby you're adorable

Handle me with care

 I'm so tired of being lonely

I still have some love to give

Won't you show me that you really care?

Everybody's got somebody to lean on

Put your body next to mine and dream on

I've been f**ked up and I've been fooled

I've been robbed and ridiculed

Daycare census and night schools

Handle me with care

Been stuck in airports, terrorized

Sent to meetings, hypnotized

Overexposed commercialized

Handle me with care

I'm so tired of being lonely

I still have some love to give

Won't you show me that you really care

Everybody's got somebody to lean on

Put your body next to mine and dream on

I've been uptight and made a mess

But I'll clean it up myself I guess

Oh the sweet smell of success

Handle me with care


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