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Let's Talk about Meth (Baby...)

Updated on October 30, 2016
This is what it looks like in raw form...
This is what it looks like in raw form...

Wait? People still do meth?

Do you know anyone who has used meth? Maybe you have a friend who has tried it. Maybe a few friends. Maybe you're thinking something along the lines of "Why would I ever try meth? Isn't that just for homeless people who push around shopping carts and yell at strangers?"

Sure, its for them. But it might be for you too. Because you never know when it might be offered to you. You could be at party. A concert. With some friends, probably friends you don't know very well. It's possible you will never be offered meth, and that's probably for the best. But in case you are, it's important to know the facts, so you can know what you're putting into your body, and why it's probably not a great idea.

Essentially a make your own meth kit...
Essentially a make your own meth kit...

What is Meth? Where does it come from?

Crystal Meth (also known as Speed, and a variety of other less popular names) is a drug made in a laboratory by a "cook", usually from things like cold medicine. The "chef" prepares his product by extracting certain parts of the medicine and adding other substances to strengthen the effects, usually something along the lines of battery acid, drain-o, or anti-freeze. Making meth is an exact process, so the fact that meth is often made by meth-heads is not comforting and makes the cooking process very dangerous. Try to imagine being stoned out of your mind and combining highly combustible chemicals. It wouldn't be all that surprising if you made a mistake, would it? Unfortunately, in the marvelously high stakes world of meth making, a mistake generally causes an explosion, severe burns, and frequently, instant death. That's why making meth is just, overall a terrible idea. But what about just using it?


What does Meth do?

Meth is probably the biggest buzz you're going to find as far as drugs go. Others may disagree, but it is definitely one of the most intense drugs out there. There are no natural activities which produce such a rush of euphoria. But there's a reason your body doesn't do that on its desensitizes you to everything else, leaving addicts unable to enjoy anything except meth. There are several stages after meth is smoked, injected, etc... Let's say a kid, let's call him "Moron", uses meth for the first time.

1. Rush

As soon as "Moron" takes the drug, his heart race soars. Has he ever felt so alive?

2. High

Moron is high as a kite. Euphoria is common. Other idiosyncrasies develop, such as fixation on minor things and finishing other people sentences. Not only is he on meth, he's becoming annoying.

3. The Binge

Let's say Moron really loves the feeling he gets when he's on Meth. Well, if he has more of it lying around, he'll probably use as much as he's got, spreading out the usage until he's finally dry or his tolerance builds to the point he no longer feels anything. Even if Moron manages to control himself for the time being, it probably won't be for long.

4. "Tweaking" and The comedown

The comedown from meth is not pleasant, and that's putting it very lightly. Because meth alters brain chemistry, the desire for more meth leaves the user feeling empty. Additionally, Moron may become convinced insects are crawling underneath his skin, which causes intense scratching. Moron probably won't be sleeping for a few days, and will essentially exist in his own world. If disturbed, Moron may get hostile or violent. And that's if he's having a mild comedown. Finally, Moron will probably pass out for between 12-72 hours. All this time he's unlikely to have eaten anything because meth is an appetite suppressant.

5. Possible Addiction

Many first time users won't become addicted to meth. Hopefully, Moron won't. Even if he doesn't, he'll probably experience withdraw symptoms because compared to meth, no natural activity can provide the same rush. Depression and thoughts of suicide are common.

A lot can change in 10 years...especially on meth.
A lot can change in 10 years...especially on meth.

Is Meth Addiction Really That Bad?

Short Answer: Yes.

You know how people addicted to cigarettes often have bad teeth?

And how alcoholics can get randomly psychotic?

Add those symptoms together and multiply them by a thousand.

Meth addiction is awful. This is largely because addicts build a tolerance very quickly. Because it is made in large batches from inexpensive ingredients, meth is initially a relatively inexpensive high. But as a user's tolerance goes up, he or she will be unable to feel the effects of the drug without using increasingly large amounts of the substance. As the addiction gets more severe, the addict begins to spend larger and larger sums of money on drugs; the user's quality of life often deteriorates. Meanwhile, you can probably kiss your teeth goodbye. Almost nobody brushes their teeth when they're using Meth. And your skin won't be flawless for long; Meth constricts blood vessels, so that combined with all the itching usually leaves users covered in sores.You'll probably drop weight, but literally everything else about your physical appearance will deteriorate. It's even worse if you don't have much body fat, as your muscles will probably start to atrophy. If you become a meth addict, people will probably be able to tell, if for no other reason, because you're getting less and less attractive every day.

In addition to rapidly decreasing physical state, addict's emotional states are extremely volatile, especially for those who can't get their drug of choice. Addicts can become randomly violent or suddenly depressed for no reason whatsoever because of how the meth alters the brain. Other mental problems such as hearing voices or seeing hallucinations vary from person to person, but it is definitely safe to say that meth addiction is not a pleasant experience.

So...should I try meth?

Probably not. Really, that's too light. Please, please, please don't try meth. Addiction is easy to fall into, and meth is one of the hardest drugs on earth to quit. 93% of addicts in rehab fail and revert to old habits. There are plenty of other less harmful substances out there with varying degrees of legality. While I'm not condoning becoming a chronic marijuana smoker or a heavy drinker, neither of those things (in small doses) have the same detrimental effects meth does. Please, just stay away from it. If you need to stay awake, drink something caffeinated. If you need to lose weight, please just join a gym or eat healthier. There is literally no good reason to use it. Although you've probably heard it a million time before, nobody starts out thinking they're going to become an addict. And of all the things you can get addicted to, meth is one of the worst, because it affects users mentally and physically. Please, whatever you do, just don't use meth. It's just not worth it.


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