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It's Been a Great Day to be Sober and Free (There will be some gratitude & may be some bragging)

Updated on October 4, 2008

AAAhh..Nothing like Sun, Sand and Surf, especially when you can actually walk out to it, finally for the first time in 6 months. The smell of saltwater and sun tan lotion in the air. Along with the smell of charcol, and the sounds of laughter. Not to mention actually being surrounded by it, instead of longingly, only being able to stand out on the lanai watching others having all the fun. The Gulf of Mexico's water was it's special shades of blue and aquamarine (I'd like to think she looked her best for me)and warm. The waves were breaking and the soft quartz white sand was sparkling in the sun, and there is that slow comfortable breeze. The beach was filled with families, friends and lovers both young and old. The water itself had fishermen, jetskis, sail boats, power boats and folks just enjoying the the water, in all her beauty. Just a glorious day for everyone and I am blessed to be part of it all.

Walking out to the beach, and into the warm water, jumping into a pick up game of beach volleyball, wake boarding, just laying out in the warm sun on your favorite beach towel and not having a care in the world. I would have to wonder if life can get any better? The answer would be YES. Not taking life for granted anymore gives me a new chance to do all of my favorite things, with my senses wide open.

Even the things that many have to consider a chore or a hinderence, I get to enjoy. I get to walk my dog now and as often as I want. I can go to the grocery to pick up my own list of things. I can go anywhere I want to go without a worry. I don't have to be anywhere at a certain specific time. I don't have to rely on others to handle my outside tasks. I get to go to the gym, the video store, restuarants, I can hang by the pool, go for a jog or take a casual stroll on the beach.

I've got to tell ya, my friends, I'm lovin' the proverbal lemonade I get to drink now, made from lemons I grew. I appreciate my life much, much more today, than when I was taking life for granted and drowning in the vast nothingness of my addiction.

So, yes, today is a good day to be sober and there is nothing sweeter than the taste of freedom.


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  • Nicole Winter profile image

    Nicole A. Winter 9 years ago from Chicago, IL

    YEA! Congratulations, darlin', keep up the great work!

  • flutterbug77 profile image

    flutterbug77 9 years ago from USA

    Beautiful Hub. Life is great!