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Sobriety is Possible

Updated on December 15, 2014

Steps in obtaining Sobriety

Sobriety is not easily obtained, to be successful you have to be willing to do what ever it takes. Dr Bob and Bill W. form a recovery program on the premise that people wanted to get clean. They did not say they will get clean. They suggest the need to go to any length just like we did for drugs and alcohol. You can just put down the alcohol or drugs,but not have sobriety. According to early recovery practices the acknowledgement of a problem has to be admitted and that our lives are unmanageable..The next is believing a power greater than ourselves can restore us to sanity. The suggestion here is for you to find the power you believe will assist you in your goal , which is sobriety. As addicts and alcoholic we need to find the power of our understanding . .

Reaching out

Once we've reach this realization , reaching out to other addicts and alcoholics will help us reach our goal. Dr Bob and Bill W stated sharing our experience strength and hope provides a gateway to sobriety. The premise here is when we share our stories we provide some incite to other with the same problems or concerns. The stories details what we were like and what we are like now. We let people know how we got here and the things that brought us to this point in our lives. In establishing the road to sobriety the formation of twelve steps an tradition was created as a guide to reaching sobriety. It was emphasis that these are only suggestion, but if you choose to follow them the goal of sobriety can be achieve.


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