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Social Phobia Inventory

Updated on July 26, 2012
Are you nervous or uncomfortable in social situations?
Are you nervous or uncomfortable in social situations?

Social phobia or social anxiety disorder is a common mental illness that causes the person to have tremendous nervousness or fear of situations in which they have to interact with people or be seen in public. People with social anxiety disorder believe that they are constantly being criticized, watched, or judged by others. A social phobia inventory measures how severe someone's social anxiety is.

Everyone has experienced nervousness or fear at some point in their lives. A common fear is speaking in public. People who have a fear of public speaking or have been nervous in front of a class or group of people may be able to relate to those who have social anxiety. Though occasionally being nervous before speaking in front of a group is not unusual, people who have social anxiety may experience this type of intense nervousness when merely talking on the phone, eating in public, shopping, or being in public for other reasons.

The nervousness or fear is not the same for everyone with a social phobia. Some people can manage their discomfort rather well and function normally. For others, the fear is so intense that they avoid leaving their homes. Fortunately, social anxiety disorder is a treatable condition.

Being that social phobia is a mental disorder, there are no medical tests like blood tests to diagnose the condition. Instead, the person who might have the disorder takes a short test that includes a series of questions. These tests are called a social phobia inventories or social anxiety inventories.

A social anxiety inventory is a valuable tool that can be used prior to and during social anxiety treatment. The initial use of the social phobia inventory may be to determine if the person has social phobia. People may take the test to help them decide if they should get treatment for their nervousness in social situations.

These tests may be administered by a licensed therapist to help the therapist gauge the severity of the client's symptoms. The results can serve as a measurement of the person's initial state when entering treatment. While the client is receiving social phobia treatment, the therapist may administer the test periodically to evaluate how well the therapy is working to reduce the symptoms.

The person receiving therapy for anxiousness and fear in public might not experience total relief from these symptoms. However, the symptoms should become much easier to manage. When the person begins to feel nervous or fearful in a social situation, the person may begin to be able to use positive self-talk to help themselves remain calm.

Though many people experience anxiety, not everyone is affected to the point that they need therapy. Taking the social anxiety inventory can help the person look at their fear and behavior more objectively. Even if the results of an anxiety test does not show the need for therapy, people should seek the help of a licensed counselor if the anxiety is affecting their lives.

Here is an actual social phobia inventory that you can use and score to see if your social anxiety is considered severe enough to need treatment.


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