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Social Stress

Updated on April 24, 2017

Social Stressers

Daily Social Stressor

  1. Lack of time management skills-
  2. Lateness
  3. Traffic issues
  4. Slow lines in drive through or in the store, or banks
  5. Impatient people.
  6. Adults acting worse then children
  7. Children not under control, or just being children
  8. Being scolded at work after doing your best, being screwed or that feeling you got screwed at work
  9. Travel delays,being bumped,Security check lines,or Travel changes you did not initiate
  10. Rude, poor service
  11. Argument with mate,partner,kids or othe
  12. A loss
  13. Poor communication
  14. Illness, mental, physical, emotional illness, or sickness

There many others

  • Communication skills is a must have today, people want not only o be heard but to feel like they were listen to. Often people will be thinking, planing their reply without really listening to the person speaking. We may look like we listen but people are not stupid.
  • We cannot control actions of others, we can control how we respond. By our responce we can calm things, or escalate them.
  • Breakfast to begin the day, Fuel for the car, and so is breakfast for you. When we dont eat as we should it is not healthy, and effects our emotions, and moods.

The V generation- Victim generation

An Offended generation is what e have today who cries at everything, and will use anything to sue you. And dare you to think differently, you will be called names, gossiped about etc. We have what some have termed generation snowflake,

Cannot , will not listen to authority. Police under high scrutiny today. We forget when someone with a badge says pull over, or stop, hands out etc we need shut up and just do. When a Crew member on plane says we need you to come with us, move or get off. You do it. Do not make officers come and carry you off like a baby

We cannot have challenging conversation because people are fragile. You cannot today tell someone I believe your wrong this is why. Teachers in School many are afraid to to do what is right so they grade on curves, let someone pass lest they and their parents come in and have a fit.

We in us have have made in many places illegal to spank a kid. Honestly some need a good whipping. Many of us in older generation got it and are doing just fine. So just reason talk ground them . HMM Got to love the know it alls, and experts. They enable a victim mentality today.

Blame everyone else cause you are hurt or ticked.

Often we also have some responsibility. Not everything is someone else fault..


What stresses you out most?

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Generation Cliff dangling

This generation is experiencing unprecedented levels of anger, rage,anxiety and depression

This is a generation plague with many tragedies. School shootings,school violence, road rage, which was not heard of generations ago,brazen out in light violence. Parents killing kids, and kids killing parents. It is fact that more than 5 million college, and high school students are struggling with mental health,issues according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness

The pressure to succeed is great. However we have also developed a generation that all have won they are no looser and not teach their kids yes there are winners and losers in life. Hard work, disciple and character is the way, not the who you know etc.We do not want to say no to kids or disappoint them. SO we have a generation they now demand their way, what they want and when. Adding much stress to our society how to deal with a victim generation?

Stress has been major cause of

  • Road rage
  • Domestic violence
  • Shootings of innocents
  • Break downs
  • Heart attacks
  • Suicides which have also taken other lives
  • In crease of mental illness issues
  • Fear,panic,

General tips for handling stress

General tips for handling stress

  1. Think before speaking
  2. Speak and think positive thoughts to you
  3. Eat breakfast
  4. Take time for you
  5. Pray, meditate even if for five minutes
  6. Talk with a Friend or humble yourself go to DR
  7. Exercise
  8. Listen to music
  9. Do something fun
  10. Hold a squeeze ball.
  11. Breathe.

Teens boiling over


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