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Social medicine, sick and broke

Updated on July 14, 2011
Bread lines in Russia, the same thing can happen with health care.
Bread lines in Russia, the same thing can happen with health care.

Whenever I talk about health care to a liberal person they always lament the tragedy that universal health care is in every industrialized nation except the US.

Here we are one of the richest nations in the world and we don't even have a way to provide relief for the sick people in America who can't afford to get proper treatment. And yet there are all these other countries in the world that are successful in helping out their citizens in getting the medical attention they need. You have Canada, France, The Netherlands, even Cuba has got a great system! All you have to do is to simply walk into a hospital in any of these countries and you are immediately given the treatment you need, and afterwards you are sent on your way healthy and happy without having to worry about paying a big fee for their troubles, because you have already paid your dues in health care taxes. Doesn't that sound great?!

Well I have a big problem with this. To all the Michael Moore loving liberals who think universal health care is the answer to all our problems. Let's take a closer look at what really goes on in those countries.


Is everything great in Canada? This guy takes us through the process you have to go through in order to be seen by a doctor in Canada. Just a brief summary; he goes to the clinic, but it's closed on weekends, so he pays a visit to the emergency room. They make him wait four hours and he finally decides to come back the next day. When he finally gets seen by a nurse to get a tetanus shot the nurse informs him that the wait to be seen by a doctor could take up to an entire year. This is the common scene in Canada's health care system, infact their system is so backed up that they have a lottery system to determine who gets to see a doctor.


So when Michael Moore goes to Cuba we hear about how even this third world country has it better than the US. But what people don't seem to remember about communist countries is that they lye incessantly to their people and to the rest of the world about their real conditions. in this expose John Stossel shows what you didn't get to see about the great and wondrous phenomenon that occurred the day Mr. Moore went to Cuba to get treatment.

Bottom line; the conditions in regular hospitals are bleak and miserable, people are malnourished, they are subjected to unsanitary conditions, and the death rate is manipulated in the countries reports to the rest of the world.


the country of France has been dubbed by the rest of the world as the best place to get medical treatment. Some of the big drawbacks to socialized medicine in France is that a large percentage of the people who call in for a doctor are denied medical treatment because a doctor has determined that their situation is not an emergency, this determination is usually made over the phone. They also realize that this system which provides free services for the public is creating a 12 to 14 billion dollar, and rising, deficit. The doctors in France are paid considerably less than those in America by the government who determines what they get paid.

So in France while it is true that you can go to the hospital without going broke it is the foot in the door for a socialized system which has the potential to grow into every other aspect of their lives, until it blooms into Communism. Already the doctors there are paid by the government, and are told where they can go to work. So is it wrong for people to want to get a prophet for treating the sick. I argue that it is by means of competitiveness that anything moves forward. Scientists do research and find cures for diseases when they get recognition for their accomplishments.

The fight against Obama care

Socialized medicine

So the liberal is more comfortable with calling it universal health care because they don't want to sound like a bunch of communists, But that's exactly what it is. The doctors end up being given a salary determined by the government, they get told where they are allowed to practice, and it should be obvious by the examples of every other country in the world that this system does not work. It gets overcrowded, people don't get the proper treatment that they need, and the middle and lower classes gets completely screwed by the government who taxes them to provide a service that they can not utilize, and end up having to pay for a separate medical plan in order to get treatment. So they pay twice.

Another example of failed socialism in America is social security. Right now we are paying thousands of dollars a year for a program that we will never benefit from. It's going away, and my generation is getting screwed by their government to pay for it. Social security was never intended to provide welfare to illegal immigrants or to supplement pensions, but that is what it is being used for, and that is why it is going away. People see that they can get free money and they will take advantage of it because they are naturally lazy.

It seems to me that the Liberal mantra for "universal Health care", is that it is not morally correct to want to prophet off of sick people. But if I get into a car accident or am diagnosed with cancer, I don't really give a flying heap of cow dung who get's paid what, or how much they get paid as long as I am taken care of properly. People expect to get paid when they are doing their jobs, and doctors are no exception. In fact when you realize the amount of training that a doctor has to receive before he or she becomes a legal practitioner it is obvious that they do deserve to get paid well. They are saving people's lives after all.

It is obvoius that the American Healthcare system is not perfect, but it is vital to our economy and our basic freedoms that we do not embrace socialist medicine, it is the big foot in the door for communism in America. And it will cost our country trillions of dollars to supply the medical needs of every citizen. The country will go completely broke, and our economy will be crippled.


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    • Onusonus profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from washington

      That's great Nikki, a little tiny island like New Zealand has been racking up around 200 billion dollars in debt sas of 2010. And that's just for a little under 4.5 million people.

      I'm sure nothing could go wrong 311 million Americans doing the same thing.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Check out Australia and New Zealand ...

      Seems to work there ok.

      Having a baby is free in NZ.

    • Onusonus profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from washington

      Thanks for reading!

    • DungeonSiege3Fans profile image


      7 years ago from Nation of Ehb

      Wow what a great hub!

    • DannyMaio profile image


      7 years ago from New York

      Great hub! voted up and awesome.


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