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Extroversion, Introversion and Ambiversion

Updated on January 21, 2016

Extroversion, Introversion and Ambiversion

This term was popularized by Carl Gustav Jung a psychologist, it defines the personality trade of individual.Attitude of each person belongs to one of this 3 groups, a person is either

  • Extroversion
  • Introversion
  • Ambiversion.

Wikipedia defines both Extroversion and Introversion as opposite of each other.

  • 'Extroversion' tends to be manifested in a more outgoing characteristics with energetic behavior. Whereas
  • 'introversion' is manifested in more reserved personality and solitary behavior.

According to Carl Jung, everyone have both this characteristics and whichever dominates decides the individual and his behavior.

  • Extroverts are like stars that shine brighter then others and seem to shine better when there are others around them. They make themselves brighter than others and vibrate with energy. They seek and enjoy the attention and company of others.Many of the individuals who are politicians, artist or involved in social services are the people that falls into this category.
  • While the Introverts enjoy time spent alone. They like being by themselves while others shine away. They lack in social skills and shy away from social activities. When they are alone they are very creative and seem to have a lot of things to occupy themselves they mostly end up as successful authors or composers or inventors.

Then there is the forgotten behavior or personality where some individuals carry both the characteristics of extroversion and introversion. They shine in a natural shade, not too bright and neither too dim. They are called Ambivert, deriving from the term ambivalent which could mean 'On The Fence'

In the classic Psychological Types, Jung wrote: "There is, finally, a third group … the most numerous and includes the less differentiated normal man … He constitutes the extensive middle group."

  • So 'Ambiversion' falls more or less directly in the middle. An ambivert is normally comfortable with groups and enjoys social interaction, but also relishes time alone and away from the crowd.

Behavioral Influences

There are many factors that can influence to a persons behavior pattern.The three major components are :

  • Brain (Self)
  • Environment (Surrounding)
  • Endocrinology (Hormone) .

This major aspect can then be subdivided into many more small areas.

  • By brain, it means the internal factors within a person. Their dreams, desires, expectations.
  • While Environment is the surrounding factors like the family background, the school, the society or the friends. There are more subdivisions then what is listed above.
  • Meanwhile Endocrinology is effected by the Emotions of a person

We shall refer to all this influences as Stimuli. Overall every individuals behavior is and outcome of "Stimuli - Response" Mechanism.

What Stimulates Behavior ...??

Stimuli - Response Mechanism

Arlene R. Taylor PhD, a leading speaker on brain function, who is sometimes referred to as the brain guru in her presentation on 'Brain Program' stated that "The Extrovert-Ambivert-Introvert" layer refers to the amount of stimulation that works best for your brain in a given environment The way in which your brain prefers to obtain its needed stimulation may or may not involve people (some prefer nature, books, machines...)

It is a two way street. The brain impacts or reacts towards environment and the environment impacts or reacts towards our brain action. And brain on its own is like a Jigsaw puzzle, it has many other things that influence the output, from the conscious state to the unconscious state.

This means that, information processing of activities in the environment causes different chemical changes to happen in the brain. The psychological effect of this chemical activity can actually influence a person to be Extrovert, Ambivert or Introvert.

Behavior Stimuli : Brain

Brain consist of 'Conscious' and 'Subconscious' mind .

Conscious Mind is the "Individuals Intelligence". A person can apply logic, creativity or problem solving trades to adjust their behavior. Moral and discipline standards can be nurtured using the brain as the medium.

Meanwhile Subconscious mind is effected by environment and endocrinology. People who uses their brain to stimulate behavior in a proper way are good at judgement or has good sense.

How far a person is able to use their conscious mind over their subconscious mind during situations determines their behavior choice

Behavior Stimuli : Environment

There are many system of inputs and outputs that can affect the behavior of someone. This is the system that triggers the Brain Power and Behavioral Endocrine.

As behavior development starts from very young age, home and family relationships influences the major part of an individual's behavior. Then it is followed by school and neighborhood experiences which shapes the their behavior. At very young age, children start adjusting socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually as well as cope in difficult circumstances. Within these two environments, sleep, diet, peers and parent discipline each affect behavior.

Socioeconomic which consists of social status and economic resources and distribution also influences an individuals behavior.

In an article titled Children, Youth, Families and Socioeconomic Status by American Psychological Association, states that socioeconomic status (SES) is often measured as a combination of education, income and occupation. Within this environment, psychological health , physical health, education , and family well being each affect behavior.

Behavior Stimuli : Endocrinology

Hormonal influence should also be taken into consideration when discussing on behavior. The term that is popularly used is Behavioral Endocrinology which joins the field of neuroscience, endocrinology and psychology to decide on individual behavior.

Biochemical reactions in the brain due to the neuron activity, creates basic behavioral patterns. Anxiety or inner turmoil is an unpleasant feeling which may trigger hormone response. Which can also trigger Behavior response like being 'Being Shy'.

Actually any kind of stimulation can actually affect how hormones are released and this hormones becomes the stimulator to decide on the individuals behavior.

Stimulation can come in any form ..

Teaching Social and Emotional Skills

Social and Emotional Needs

This is the biggest contributing factor that decides behavioral pattern of an individual. With proper guidance a person can actually develop into a balanced behavior. An uncontrolled extroversion can become a big bully meanwhile an introversion may end up depressed and suicidal.

Child and youth have to be helped in dealing with emotions Give them enough space to explain their feelings. Be a good model for the development of young peoples behavior.

This article on Building Better Behavior from Guidance Department of Bedminister Township School has a guide on strategies to instill good behavior in children.

Introduction of extrovert-friendly classes and introvert-friendly class activities and assignments can help the young people from the overpowering of either of this behavior.

Things do not happen. Things are made to happen.

— John F. Kennedy (
Introvert | Source
Introvert | Source
Extrovert | Source
Extrovert | Source

Once we have identified the behavioral patterns of individuals especially as a young child, proper guidance to help them grow into successful individual should be initiated. Some individuals can not come out of their 'behavior' so instead of pushing them too much they can be directed to some successful goal-oriented missions.

In a article in Huffington Post, they have identified 16 Outrageously Successful Introverts. Some of the famous names includes creator of 'Harry Potter' , J K Rowling and co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates

Extroverts refer to those people who are always alive and enthusiastic. Some successful names that come to light are like Bill Clinton former President of United Sates and Steve Jobs , inventor of Apple Computers ..Extroverts need some balancing guidance too. They should be introduced to 'No Bullying concept'

Ambiverts who have more 'Balanced' lifestyle are flexible and emotionally stable, they are more comfortable then Introverts in situations and less influenced then extroverts. Most people like me and probably you belong in this group.

My personality trait ....

I Am

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    • Michaela Osiecki profile image


      3 years ago from USA

      As an introvert, I was to STRESS the point that we do not lack social skills or are shy, we simply prefer to spend our more fulfilling time alone. It's how we recharged - whereas an extrovert gets their energy from being around others.

      Introverts, like myself, can be very charismatic and social creatures, but it wears us out after a time. The extrovert doesn't have this problem, they only lose steam when left alone with themselves too long.


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