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Some Effective Ways to Treat Stress Headaches

Updated on September 18, 2012

Folks who have stress in their lives are likely to also experience headaches related to their stress. You may suffer from stress, as well as stress headaches, without even knowing the reason it has invaded your life. Some of the reasons you may suffer from stress include unsatisfying work, an overwhelming schedule, or disputes between you and other people. When stress is present, and you suffer from headaches, that's your clue that some changes are necessary. If you are interested in overcoming your stress headaches, read the rest of this report and discover a few of the best, and most efficacious, methods of relief.

Causes And Treatment Of Strees Haedache

One of the most common causes of stress headaches is eyestrain. Computers, televisions and other devices such as smart phones can strain your eyes if you spend too much time staring at screens. It's important to take regular breaks if you work on a computer all day. Take a short break every half hour or hour at the most, and be sure to move your eyes off the screen frequently. The same is true if you're watching television. Another cause of eyestrain is not wearing glasses when you need them, or wearing glasses that are the wrong strength. That's why it's important to make regular visits to an optician in case your eyesight needs correcting.

Certain foods or beverages can cause headaches for some people. Some people are sensitive to certain foods or have allergies. If you have a wheat allergy, for example, you might feel better if you avoid gluten in all forms. Headaches can be related to blood sugar issues, which is why you should limit your intake of processed carbs, sugar and junk foods. In addition to avoiding junk foods, seek out whole grains and foods that contain lots of fiber as these are good for balancing your blood sugar. Some people are sensitive to other foods that might cause headaches, such as chocolate, dairy or anything else you might be allergic to. You'll find that improving your diet helps you avoid health problems such as headaches, even when they have other causes.

If you can identify the triggers that give you stress and tension - resulting in stress headaches - you can make a determined effort to avoid the triggers. Sometimes this can be difficult. However, it's worth the effort to prevent constant stress headaches. High blood pressure is but one health condition that can result if you suffer from chronic stress. If certain situations cause a great deal of stress for you, try to come up with strategies to deal with these in a more positive way. In some cases, you may be able to avoid the situation completely. If not, you can still make up your mind that you're not going to let it get to you, whether it's traffic, your boss or the evening news.

Millions of people suffer from stress headaches, which is why painkillers are such a popular product. Taking any kind of pain pills won't fix your stress. It's just a temporary solution. The optimum solution, of course, is to figure out what's causing your stress and finding a way to eliminate, or at least reduce, those stressful situations. Your headaches will start to disappear if you keep the suggestions we've given you in mind, and use them whenever a stress headache threatens.


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    • Iamsam profile image

      Iamsam 5 years ago

      Thanks for the informative hub. It is better to avoid pills to stay healthy.