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Some Foods for Healthy Eyes

Updated on March 14, 2017

The eyes are the most precious things that belong to the humans. It lets them see the world and enjoy life. Many studies that have been done under the influence of the eyes on the day to day activities showed that the eyes have a huge impact on the activities. There are many diseases that can hurt the eyes.

Diabetes and ageing are some of the main causes for low vison or blindness among the modern day population. The main cause for diabetes is the food that we take. The modern day is filled with junk food and fast food that has less nutrient value and the main cause for diabetes which is sugar. Here are some foods for healthy eyes.

Dark Leafy Greens

Green veggies are the best in order to keep your eyes healthy. Zeaxanthin and Carotenoids lutein are the main ingredients that can be found in dark leafy green veggies. Lutein is the main component that can be found in the eye’s macula and the retina. This part is in charge of the detail of your vison. Zeaxanthin is also found in the retina and is a valuable nutrient for the health of the retina. The main foods that will contain these nutrients are Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Swiss Chard and Collard greens.

Organic Pastured Egg Yolks

Eggs are rich in proteins which is basically good for any part of the body. Since eggs contain lutein, zeaxanthin and good fat alongside proteins it is good for the health of your eyes. Even though the number of carotenoids is less in egg yolks, the carotenoids present are highly absorbable to the body. There are many studies that having egg yolks will increase the intake of the carotenoids absorbed from the other foods as well. However, when the egg yolks are heated the lutein and zeaxanthin will get damaged and will not perform the necessary function on the eye.

Wild-Caught Alaskan Salmon

Omega-3 fat is one of the best fats that is needed for the health of your eyes. It is concentrated in the retina of your eye and it is also used in the membranes that give the eye its structural support. There are many studies that have showed that eating too much fat will cause macular degeneration but omega-3 fat is an exception and will not aid in macular degeneration. Wild-caught Alaskan salmon is rich in omega-3, vitamin C, zinc, lutein, vitamin E and zeaxanthin. So this will be an aid to lower the risk of macular degeneration.


Bilberry is similar to blueberry and is one of the best foods for healthy eyes. It contains high amounts of anthocyanins and is a very vital component for the protective effect when there is a retinal inflammation. There are many studies that show the importance of bilberries for the eyes and one such study showed that taking bilberries 20mg per kilo of your body weight will protect your eyes lens and retina from impairment from aging and other diseases.


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