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Simple Steps for Cancer Prevention

Updated on March 28, 2016

Basic nutrition helps prevent cancer

I could talk about receptor sites of cells and their accepting Xenoestrogens provoking cancer onset, but what’s the point? The how to’s get to the point a lot faster. First and foremost a cancer precursor gene has been identified, and it’s important to prevent it from activation.

One identifier that activates the cancer gene is intake of burnt food. You may think well that’s not me, but how many of you don’t mind the over done toast, the barbecues with the hot dogs and burgers blackened on the grill, smores with blackened marshmallows. All are best to be avoided. They have been identified as helping to activate the cancer gene. One way to cut down on the risk is to add vitamin C to the grilled food. This is done simply by a squeeze of an orange or lemon on the food.

Another avoidance is food or drink heated in the microwave in a Styrofoam, plastic or plastic lined container. Much research has been done about the leaching of chemicals from the plastic to the food, and health problems of those who do it regularly. Have you noticed how many plastic products in stores are now labeled BPA free? There is a reason for this, they are aware health conscious folks are looking at labels when they buy products. Many restaurants are aware of this and are slowly switching from Styrofoam to cardboard take out containers. Time to get out your Pyrex, glass and ceramic containers and put them to use. Use plastic containers only for cold food.

Limit intake of red meat, to only 3 times a week, especially with a family history of colon cancer. The red meat has been demonstrated to cause changes in the intestines that increase polyps. All Polyps have an increased chance of developing into cancer unless they are removed in a timely fashion. Even the American Heart Association has chimed in on this stating for your cardiovascular system limit red meat for it's high fat content. Yes, another reason to eat chicken, fish, or try the vegetarian lasagna.

With a family history of breast, cervical and or ovarian cancer, the easiest thing is to make sure women breast feed their infants for one complete year. Giving birth and not breastfeeding has a 38% correlation of increased cancer risk of the entire female reproductive system. This includes the breast, ovaries, uterus, cervix and vagina. The one year of breast feeding does not have to be continuous, it's over the life time of the woman. So 2 babies breastfed for 6 months each drops her risk.

Trivia point, men get breast cancer also, so they also need to have any breast lumps looked at.

Positive things you can do to prevent cancer is eating certain foods. This is only a partial list of some of the most researched food. Eat nuts, almost any type, I prefer walnuts, a small handful a few times a week in your cereal, oatmeal, yogurt etc. Berries, again almost any type, throw a handful into your dishes. Personally I keep a large bag of frozen blueberries, and defrost small amounts to add to my yogurts and cereals. Also onions and garlic intake have shown a 56% – 88% drop in some cancers.

Drink alkaline water and fluids. Cancer does not grow in an alkaline environment. The easiest way to get your body in an alkaline state is drink coconut water, it is naturally alkaline. But get the ones without added sugar or corn syrup. Cancer thrives on sugar, loves it, eats it up and it grows faster. Another easy way to get alkaline water is to put sliced cucumbers or lemon in your water containers. Of course you can always go out and buy alkalized water directly, your choice which source to utilize.

Avoid GMO's in your food as much as possible. Genetically Modified Organisms are seeds that have been laced with pesticides to repel insects that might otherwise eat them. The studies done by researchers not linked to profits by GMO companies have shown significant cancer increases in the animals that did eat them. The crops most likely to have GMO's are wheat, corn, soybean and sugar beets.

Sugar beets is where the majority of white sugar comes from. Brown sugar mainly is refined white sugar with molasses. Cane sugar is from sugar cane plants, the darker the better, it's not overly refined and had natural nutrients still in it. Honey as a sweetener is also recommended.

This is why more and more companies are labeling their packages as GMO free, for the consumers who want to know which products to purchase without putting pesticides ie poison in their body. Have you ever read a pesticide container that says safe for human consumption?

Even the American Medical Association has jumped in announcing that consumers have the right to know the source of their food. Food should be labeled clearly. If it has GMOs, it should be noted. Companies that are aware, are labeling their products as GMO free.

More food for thought, the less free radicals in your body, the lower your cancer risk. And anti-oxidants are a good thing to have, they remove free radicals from your body. When a food is listed as an anti-oxidant, it's good thing. Free radicals increase the chance of latching onto cells that activate the development and growth of cancer. Green tea is one of the easiest forms of anti-oxidants to take.

This is not by any means a complete list, but just some guidelines to jog your thinking. Next time in a restaurant: choose the French Onion soup vs Chicken noodle, yes why not add onions to your burger. Don't order your burger well done, just medium well and have food in a garlic sauce. Beg your companion’s pardon, and carry breathe mints.


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